Battleground: a strong recombination, a new team wins the championship, and the team will have a headache under the new format

Hello, I’m Qian Yan.Is recognized as desperately project teams, although GENG team has a very high title, but in the last two world game did indeed is very general, therefore, in the PGC after the global finals, GENG team also ushered in the team, this is GENG changes, the division is also stubborn,After all, No matter in the intercontinental competition or in the world competition, The Korean division is too miserable pressure by THE PCL!The first step of GENG’s recombination is also surprising to many fans. Pio, a core player of GENG, announced his retirement after the PGC Global Finals. Esther, a veteran player, also decided to retire with Pio, perhaps because she was afraid of Pio being alone.GENG clan can have such a position, of course, is inseparable from the Pio before contribution, therefore in Pio chosen after retirement, GENG team also gave them great respect, not only to the two old players held a ceremony, but retired their shirt, I think it should be team for their biggest recognition.In Pio teacher after retirement, GENG team really ushered in the restructuring, and according to the state of GENG team now, they are in urgent need of added that positive strong macho man, simple point said is the same as NH team, as long as the player’s personal strength is strong enough, the tacit understanding once, then team ceiling is higher than expected, therefore,GENG has also introduced Maczora, Spear and Renba. Fans who follow the competition know that these three players are the core of previous teams, so after GENG does this, fans are wondering how scary this new GENG is., of course, the results did not let the fans waiting, although in our domestic live platform game before GENG team not appearance, but in South Korea’s latest cup, GENG clan is beginning a new team debut, and GENG team debut also with NH before them, used a champion to prove the strength of the squad,Although it is only a small competition in South Korea, there are a lot of strong teams in the lineup. GBL, AAA, OPGG, GNL, DNW, KIA and other strong teams in South Korea all participated in the competition, so this championship is very important. In addition, Inonix, the new core of the team, also won the MVP of this competition.It is worth noting that the rules of the game USES is unheard of, and it is neither eat chicken format is not integral format, but learned the format for your other project, is integral in the team to achieve the specified fraction, the first to eat the chicken’s team will get the champion, which is why GENG team total score is not the first but. Winning the championship.In the early stage of the game system, it is undoubtedly a test of the team’s explosive power and scoring ability. After the scoring ability, it is a test of the team’s stability. It seems that the game system is a bit of a withdrawal, but it seems to be quite interesting to savor it.Different fans, of course, the natural for this format has a different point of view, there are many fans think this format repeated horizontal jump has put the players suffer torture, serious game should continue a format, and such fancy format used in some unimportant little games with respect to OK, don’t know how to look at your fans such format?

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