The opening ceremony, “Chinese-style romance,” concealed a touching detail: lost will eventually come back

Six touching moments from the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are Zhang Yimou’s Chinese romance – Quote.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, directed by Director Zhang Yimou, has come to a perfect end with the lighting of the cauldron.Unlike the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, zhang sees the Winter Olympics as a symbol of “romance, ethereal spirit and modern technology.”As Zhang pointed out, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are no longer as eager to let foreigners know our 5,000-year-old culture and family background as the 2008 Olympics, so this time, Zhang has directly shifted from the perspective of “I” to “we”.”‘ We ‘shows the Chinese world view, Chinese are the same as everyone else, so sincere, so kind, so fond of beauty…So, I hope everything goes well, from the first minute to the last minute, that’s the big difference.”The first minutes of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics can also be used to describe Zhang Yimou’s touching “Chinese romance”.Countdown to the Start of Spring, a short film that opens the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, has wowed Internet users.From the first cut of the shot, to the first drop of rain falling with poetry, and finally to the beginning of Spring, symbolizing the opening ceremony day, the end of cold and the beginning of spring, it can be said that romance has been achieved to the extreme.And Zhang Yimou’s aesthetic, also can only let the net friends sigh with his high level, while crazy on the Internet to find a high-definition picture as wallpaper.In the interview, Zhang explained that the start of Spring is undoubtedly the best season in his opinion, because it means endless life, and the 24 solar terms are also unique to Chinese romance.Then, after the countdown, the children in the center of the stage blew the seeds into the air, and the fireworks in the night sky spelled out the words “Start of Spring” and “Spring,” a step from “I” to “we.”Just like the netizen said: although foreigners can’t understand “Start of Spring”, they can understand “Spring”. There is no elegance or vulgarity in romance. We all share the same sky.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics also has a scene, that is, when the national anthem sounded, the national flag handed down by members of all walks of life in China, representatives of 56 ethnic groups.From children to adults, the flag is carried by ordinary people, but their feelings are not ordinary, because such a transmission not only means the continuity of the spark, but also represents the unity of the 56 ethnic groups.After seeing this scene, many netizens also commented: “Proud of the motherland!””I cried, who knows.”This is exactly what Zhang yimou was trying to express when he arranged the passage of the national flag – no great sense of performance, but to the heart of the people.Three, the water of the Yellow River to the sky to the typical “Chinese romance”, in addition to the initial “countdown: spring”, in fact, there is this fragment – “a drop of ink suddenly fell from the sky, into a river flowing”, I believe that many people are amazed.If technology is cold, then Zhang Yimou undoubtedly uses his own technology to give this cold a unique romance.Many foreign netizens just look at this picture has been very majestic and powerful.It is no wonder that netizens excitedly wrote on the Internet: “The water of the Yellow River comes from heaven and flows into the sea forever!Zhang Yimou, worthy of you!”During another part of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, a choir of 44 children sang the Olympic anthem in Greek.These 44 children are all from five rural primary schools in Nanzhuang Town, Fuping county of Baoding, Hebei province, the revolutionary base area of Taihang Mountain. They are real mountain children.Who should sing the hymn?Want to go, or the child’s voice is the most pure and ethereal.So when the children, who had come to Beijing for the first time without years of systematic training and could only sing in the mountains, sang throughout the opening ceremony, netizens couldn’t help but leave poignant comments: “Even people who don’t like children want to cry.”Another joked: “This is not boring birth!”Five, the torch: autumn all previous Olympic Games opening ceremony, lit the torch this link, the absolute is a top priority, and as such planning experience in 2008, chief director of the winter Olympics opening ceremony “change numerous for brief” is not enough, zhang yimou, this time on the torch lit again is unique, and give the torch lit a poetic name:One leaf knows the autumn.The concrete presentation is what we saw in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics: the olive branch in the middle of the huge snowflake platform made up of all the guiding cards of the participating delegations is the torch platform.After the relay, flames flared, and unlike previous torches, this time it was only a tiny flame.In response, Zhang yimou said: “One leaf knows autumn” is the meaning of this, because it is small, but it conveys the concept of low-carbon environmental protection, so clear.Throughout the opening ceremony, director Zhang Yimou certainly delivered more than a clear message of environmental protection. As he put it, “Different snowflakes have come together in Beijing, one human snowflake, one common snowflake.”Ethereal had, modern had, science and technology also had, and let the Chinese heart gallop enthral “Chinese style romance”, contains in them.During the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, one detail was particularly touching.In the snowflake dance, a little girl suddenly lost her way.In the camera, the girl who had turned around suddenly turned back and warmly took the lost girl (little pigeon) by the hand.The other side understood, quickly followed back, and everyone (big Snowflake) together, hand in hand, together to the future.Some netizens sigh, the little girl led the lost little dove home, really very detailed, understand, understand!It’s calling the lost pigeon home early.I believe that in this Yang and The awakening of insects, the recovery of all things in the season, our Olympic athletes can also play the spirit of sports, in the best state to create achievements!Author: An Ning, Editor of SAN SAN. Photos are from Xinhua News Agency, The Paper, Guangming Daily and Zhang Yimou’s studio’s official account.

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