I don’t understand the pacers/Kings deal. What’s the point of a 4 for 3 deal?

As the trade deadline approached, the NBA had one big trade after another, with the Blazers breaking up the backcourt, sending CJ to the Pelicans for several young players and draft picks, and now the Pacers and Kings in a swap.The Pelicans make up the big three and the Blazers have 60 million cap space to do something in the summer, but the Pacers and Kings, I don’t see what the purpose is, just trade for trade’s sake?Let’s look at the details: The Pacers sent Junior Sabonis (the primary pick) + Lamb + Justin Holiday +1 2027 second-round pick;Get the King’s Halliburton (main chip) + Heald +TT.The pacers traded sasha Sampras, the team’s only All-Star, for Sacramento’s new star, Al Halliburton.Walker: here to gamble halliburton’s future after the deal, the pacers could be in for a long period of reconstruction, second-year halliburton grow fast, the pacers should trade him to is to be built as the core, again tie-in warren, geithner and others to help his growth, but the process is not completed no more than 3 years.The purpose of coming to TT should be to take a look at his expired contract, if not renewed at that time, more than 9 million space can be vacated.Hird has two years left on his current deal, which will also see him play for Halliburton, and is not expected to be renewed.The pacers are taking a big gamble on this one. Halliburton is a good player, but just how good we don’t know.So far he’s shown versatility, but he’s nowhere near second-year doncic and Trey Young, so isn’t it a little premature to use him as the centerpiece of the team?Kings side: for some reason, the Kings got an All-Star player, and they haven’t had an All-Star player in years, so Sampson is definitely the core of the team, plus he’s only 25 years old, he should be a core player for the next 5 years.But why would the Kings trade him for?Inside has Holmes, bagley, Lynn, metu, originally was very crowded inside, the result came to xiao Sa, more intensified the competition inside.On the contrary, the defensive line went a key point guard Halliburton, went a backup wonder hield, added lamb and Holiday can not fill the vacancy.Are the Kings going to follow the Cavaliers’ lead?Daron Fox + Barnes + Sabonis + Holmes + Holiday should be the starting 5, but is this lineup competitive in the West?Which good team’s starters can they compete against?Obviously, this starting and bench lineup won’t make the playoffs in the West.But if you can’t make the playoffs, why would you make such a big deal?Unless the Kings make another big move this summer, replacing several of their interior players with star players up front and at guard, the deal doesn’t make sense.To be honest, it doesn’t make sense to me, it doesn’t clear up space, it doesn’t add up, so I don’t really understand why the two teams made this decision.

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