Maldini: Zlatan ibrahimovic wants to stay at milan, he will never be a burden to the team

Ahead of the milan Derby, rossoneri executive Paolo Maldini spoke to DAZN about the match, Casey and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.As a former player, I had an almost traumatic experience in my early years, but over the years I have enjoyed Derby games, regardless of the result.I win and lose everything I do, so superstitious rituals no longer exist.In terms of Casey, with a few players missing and Ray Beach, we lose a little bit in terms of physicality, every player has different characteristics.Casey brings a lot of balance and some goals to the team and the manager will consider some contingency plans when deciding on his starting line-up.If you start with players who can change the course of the game, you will find yourself without solutions at times.Regarding the future of Zlatan ibrahimovic, first of all we had an open meeting with zlatan ibrahimovic, who is an independent thinker.He is aware of his situation and the possibility of agreeing a new contract with Milan.He was the first to say I wanted to stop if he felt it was no longer appropriate to go together.Injuries have limited his playing time recently, but we will have a frank discussion.His idea is to continue, and he will never be a burden to the team, but a resource.(2) to blame

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