Hebei Wuyi Songmeng village: eighty years relay guard the tomb of the unknown soldier

The picture shows the scene of the mourning at the north Nameless martyrs’ tomb in Songmeng Village, Wuyi County.Hebei News (Zhang Lei, Li Hui) April 5, Hengshui City wuyi county cadres and workers, zhaoqiao town militia, songmeng village representatives, came to the north of the village to visit the tomb of unknown soldiers.With reverence, we remembered the martyrs and bowed in silence.One day in the middle of May 1942, Wang Ziming, a guerrilla in Song Meng village, followed Jia Wanlin, the guerrilla leader of the fourth district of the county guerrilla brigade, and 30 or 40 members to perform a task in Dazhao Village, Hanzhuang Town.That night, the team and the Japanese launched a fierce battle.After the battle, Wang Ziming was rescued back to the village by relatives and friends, and the unclaimed remains of four players were buried by the masses on the battlefield, becoming the tomb of unknown soldiers.After returning to his hometown, Wang kept the tomb of the Unknown Soldier until his death in 1994.Since then, the village “two committees” organized the villagers to guard the tomb of the unknown soldier and regularly sweep up to now.Later, the villagers donated money and raised 17,700 yuan to build the cemetery.Village “two committees” organized villagers to volunteer to work, pull soil will be the original tomb pad high increase, and covered with concrete, with blue brick around the cemetery covers an area of 1.6 mu, planted cypress trees, hardening the road.On April 1 last year, the masses repaired the tomb of the Unknown Soldier who died in the Anti-Japanese War and erected a memorial tablet.For decades, hengshui Military sub-division and county People’s Armed Forces department often organized visits to Songmeng Village to preach conscription policy and carry out national defense education, creating a strong atmosphere of support for the army and superior subordinates, and forming a deep affection between the military and the people.In this village of 259 people, 32 people have joined the army in the past 80 years, and many have been honored for their meritorious deeds.Wu Wenzhi, secretary of the party branch of the village, said to bear in mind the great achievements of the revolutionary ancestors, lead the villagers to protect the martyrs’ tomb, the red gene inheritance, the good village style, the new rural construction, with excellent results, comfort the martyrs.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.

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