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The Three Swordsmen The Three Swordsmen In the past love was slow.Slow to, with a lifetime to wait for a person;Slow to, life is only enough to love a person.Now everything is fast, people walk fast, eat fast, make friends fast;Even if they are sitting opposite each other, they may be holding a mobile phone.Soldiers in the army, sometimes occasionally self-deprecating, even holding a mobile phone seems to be a luxury.Two days ago and comrade Lao Li talked about his life event, Lao Li a long sigh: “Ah, lonely for a long time, I am afraid it is rare to find the right object.This love ah, don’t say, it is more difficult than war!”It is a joke, but it also reflects the frustration of single soldiers.On the one hand, the training task is heavy; on the other hand, personal problems cannot be prolonged.Lao Li said that when he returned home after the Chinese New Year, he felt a little heavy as he watched the train returning home mostly filled with students and migrant workers.Nearly ten years after joining the army, he finally spent the Spring Festival with his parents for the first time. He should have been happy, but he was still alone after the Festival. What made him feel a little heavy was that he did not complete the tasks assigned by the company commander before visiting relatives, nor did he realize his parents’ wishes.After a day of train and bus, Lao Li returned to the company and sold his leave to the company commander.The company commander was on leave and the instructor was in place.Wang instructor a look at the expression of Old Li, he knew that once again in the blind road.Wang consoled him by saying, “Winning or losing is a common thing for a soldier!”Lao Li said awkwardly, “Failure is a common thing for me!””Do you know why men can join the army at 18 and get married after 22?” wang said with a smile.Lao Li said, “I don’t know!Why?”Wang said, Women are harder to deal with than our enemies.Ha ha!We soldiers only study strategies and tactics to deal with the enemy, but neglect to learn how to love, communicate and manage families. This is a serious problem!”Lao Li said: “Yes, we are isolated from society in a closed camp, there is no advantage.”Wang instructor said: “a lot of girls actually do not understand the advantages of soldiers: the army than the wife tube of the strict, the army does not let run, do not let disorderly spending, do not let disorderly contact, but also urge exercise, how good ah!”Old Li smiled and asked: “Instructor, you seem to be single?You have theory, not practice.”Wang said with a wry smile, It s true.As an instructor, I didn’t lead well.It seems that in the future, we should not only study military books, but also study love letters when we have time!”In the new era, the “backyard, offspring and future path” of servicemen are important issues affecting their enthusiasm for service.In particular, the “backyard” problem is more prominent in the “three empress”.They are also problems that cannot be easily solved by policy, manpower, material and financial resources.The army is relatively closed, and its officers and men have a small circle of friends and little contact with the society, especially those in difficult and remote units, who watch soldiers by day and count stars by night.Many single officers and men helplessly said, the army tube clothing, food, housing and transportation, what hair, but can not give everyone hair wife?For soldiers, the annual short vacation time is either on a blind date or on the way.During the Spring Festival, in the case of a shortage of leave to visit relatives, many single soldiers take a leave to visit relatives, with their parents’ expectations and the important task arranged by the army leadership — strip off (divorced from bachelor).For parents, children married, they just forget a worry.For military leaders, they should not delay their personal affairs by caring about their subordinates’ marriage and love affairs.As a member of the social group, the soldier’s marriage and love have something in common with the social youth’s marriage and love.At present, there are similarities between men and women when choosing a mate. Many young men and women choose a mate and put their appearance in the first place.Many young women dream of having boyfriends as handsome as Huang Xiaoming, and many young men dream of having girlfriends as beautiful as Yang Ying.Before meeting each other, the two parties first look at each other’s photos. If the photos are ordinary and there is no feeling of heartache, nothing will be done.There are also differences between men and women in their choice of spouse. Many young men put their appearance first, ask for a high level of appearance and a good figure, and then ask for work within the system, etc.Many young women put material conditions first. They must own a house and a car, and then ask for a job in the system. They are tall and handsome, and do not accept long-distance relationships.Zhang Ailing says, the real perfect woman in man’s mind, always changes with time, experience, constantly changing!Therefore, everyone’s view of mate selection is constantly changing.Many comrade-in-arms sighed: when it comes to the age of marriage, the kind of love that belongs to “the right time to meet the right person” is really rare.Facing the situation of late marriage and divorce, young people’s view of marriage and love has also been affected.In their opinion, meeting true love is the reason to get married, not just for the sake of getting married.And that’s true.After all, people who live together should be based on love.It is impossible for an ill-suited couple to feel its happiness in marriage.If it only hurts, then why stay together?Because of the particularity of military occupation, their marriage and love life has both the common characteristics of ordinary marriage and love life and the characteristics determined by the requirements of military occupation.Officers can be transferred to work, and most nCOS can serve normally or extend their service to the full 12 years, meeting the requirements for arranged work.So part of the soldiers choose a spouse, put the job first, the requirements must be party and government organs or public institutions staff.Many parents of soldiers ask their children not to find a spouse in the military base, believing that if their children, who have been raised with great difficulty, stay in the military base and have a family, they will not be able to come back for half a year or even several years.In addition, many troops stationed remote, poor economic conditions, many soldiers limited the scope of their spouse in their original home.Many soldiers choose a spouse, without their own goals, while looking at appearance, while looking at family, while looking at work, wavering, hesitant, aimlessly looking for.Some may feel that their family conditions are not good, some feel that they serve in difficult remote areas, and some feel that their height and appearance do not have advantages, resulting in lack of confidence, unwilling to find a partner, or afraid of marriage.Or only add wechat, tepid chat, resulting in the last girl lost interest, become nothing.Part of the soldiers to prepare for the post-retirement resettlement, choose the first place of residence, choose a second-tier city or prefecture-level city.A small number of soldiers with better conditions think too highly of themselves, are too confident in their choice of mates, and demand perfection from each other. They make blind dates one after another and are always dissatisfied.There are also some who see their military families around them not being happy enough for various reasons, or even falling apart.Therefore, they choose a mate on the “feelings and feelings” in the first place, other conditions on the secondary position.There are also many girls who dream of wearing a military uniform because they worship soldiers, but fail to do so and hope to marry a soldier.There are also girls in party and government organs or public institutions who are willing to marry soldiers, but because of years of preparation for exams or high standards of mate selection, resulting in generally older age.Some girls only want officers, not sergeants.Some girls are scared by the separation of two places, do not accept long-distance love, only willing to find soldiers in the local service, for the soldiers in the difficult remote areas, back.Everyone has the freedom to pursue their own love. However, the above girl’s view is that she does not understand the army, does not love the army, and does not love the army.As everyone knows, soldiers in difficult and remote areas have greater advantages and are more worthy of choice.In terms of salary, soldiers in difficult and remote areas have high salaries and no place to spend money, and they can save money to hand over to their wives.In terms of decommissioning resettlement, the decommissioning resettlement points are high, and the resettlement is better.The party and government organ that the family member enters oneself for an examination army station or institution, competition wants to be smaller than inland much, when the soldier retires, the family member job also can be attuned to return inland.Most of the soldiers are separated from their families, 500 kilometers away from their families, and 2,000 kilometers away from them.With the advancement of the military manpower policy reform, the service path of non-commissioned officers is more clear than that of officers, and the monthly retirement pension is added to the demobilization of non-commissioned officers. Moreover, some non-commissioned officers can serve as senior non-commissioned officers, and their service stability is even better than that of officers.Eileen Chang said, love is like a shipwreck of shells, do not pick the biggest, do not pick the most beautiful, to pick their favorite, picked will never go to the shipwreck.People who really love with their heart and take love very seriously should understand this truth.Those who have gone through wasted years before meeting the right person will know this especially well.People always want to be the most successful one, always want to be the most dazzling one, and only choose the most beautiful one when picking shells, maybe just to satisfy their vanity.There is a saying on the Internet: love at first sight means love at first sight, love over time means weighing the pros and cons.It’s worth savoring.Also heard an example: a man’s girlfriend is very beautiful, but she rely on their own beauty, do not put anyone in the eye, feel that anyone should look up to him, should be obedient obedient to their own.Later, because the man did not have enough money to buy the house, he asked the woman’s family to contribute some money, is to borrow the woman’s family money, later to pay back.But she lashed out, saying, “It’s ridiculous to ask a woman to pay for a house!”That he didn’t deliver, that he let her down, and so on.Later, the man was afraid, tired, decisive break up.He woke up, he felt there was no need to marry an ancestor home, he adjusted the standard of “look at the face” to “gentle character”, and whether he really liked it.It is really “many in search of his thousands of degrees, suddenly look back, that person is in the lights dim however”, when he adjusted the standard of mate, soon encounter both gentle and let him really like the person.His predecessor, on the other hand, never married.True love is mostly in the same status, and there is no utilitarian, like-minded circumstances.Yanni, wife of the great teacher Marx, said, “Gay, not necessarily wife or husband, but wife and husband should be gay.”Like-minded, is the marriage and love both have the same ideal, ambition, outlook on life and values.For soldiers, like-minded is not only a strict requirement for soldiers, but also a higher requirement for their love partners.The career of a soldier is closely linked with dedication and sacrifice. Only like-minded people can bear the pain of being separated from each other, bear the burden of their families independently, and support the soldiers in guarding the border without complaint.And it is only when families give real support, trust, and understanding that they can be inspired to put down roots and make a difference.If you bloom, butterflies will come.As a soldier, must be based on their own post, love and dedication, obtain excellent results, naturally will get the favor of the girl.No matter what kind of girl, she will not entrust the happiness of her life to the boy who has no sense of responsibility.Girlfriend or military wife support boyfriend or husband, in the army to achieve excellent results, make greater progress, happier life in the future, potential shares may become blue chips.”A wife is a rest. a child is a root.”Although this is not absolute, to a certain extent, it is also an important measure to indirectly improve the combat effectiveness of the troops to properly solve the marriage and love problems of officers and soldiers.Through understanding, there are also many love the army, want to marry soldiers of the girl.We often see, there are many female net friends in the background message: excuse me can you assign soldier brother?Many soldiers find it difficult to choose a spouse, and many girls want to be military wives (there are also female soldiers and military brother-in-law, because the number is small, temporarily not stated).For example, it is difficult for farmers to sell vegetables and expensive for citizens to buy vegetables. The main reason is information asymmetry, which requires the last mile to be opened.To this end, it is suggested that the double support departments and provincial military area system to establish the military youth marriage channels, the general magpie bridge will be this optional action to be mandatory action.The provincial military area system is a bridge of communication between the military and the local area. It can cooperate with the department of veterans affairs, the Youth League Committee, the women’s federation, the trade union and the local garrison to collect information about outstanding young women in the Patriotic army.Servicemen can register online or in written form with their units or county-level departments of the People’s Armed Forces, and relevant units regularly organize magpie fairs to build a platform for communication between military and civilian youth.A soldier is like a battleship sailing away; a family is a shelter.Due to the particularity of military occupation, the phenomenon of separation after marriage is very common, so that soldiers can not bear the family responsibilities well and put the heavy burden on the spouse alone, which is easy to cause family conflicts.It is harder to conquer a country than to defend it.How to keep the marriage fresh, how to keep the backyard stable is more important.There is a saying on the Internet: there is no secret to the so-called lasting relationship.Just in love, save a little touched, in the cold war, know some Thanksgiving.Therefore, the stability of the backyard mainly depends on the management of the husband and wife, on both sides of the mutual empathy, mutual understanding, mutual tolerance.Space distance, easy to cause emotional estrangement.It is not difficult for us to find that soldiers deal with family members with the army, the concerns and worries of backyard offspring are much smaller, and the enthusiasm for service is much higher than the soldiers separated from the two places.If the backyard is stable, it can stimulate and promote the military service. If the backyard is unstable, it will produce great obstacles and backpull.After the implementation of the new policy, military officers will be promoted at a slower pace, serve longer, and military families will live longer apart.To this end, it is also necessary to guide military spouses to join the army in terms of policies and solve the employment problem of military dependents, so as to stabilize the backyard and encourage military personnel to settle down in barracks and make achievements.First, the military should raise the basic living allowance for the military spouses who are not employed in the military, which can be raised by another 1,000 yuan on the current basis, and the grade will be increased year by year according to the number of years of military service, with an annual increase of 50 yuan.Second, the local government should increase employment subsidies for military dependents.At present, many military resident governments have not been able to settle military dependents properly, and family members who have jobs before they are attached to the military cannot do so.For this, relevant branch can make clear regulation, to accompany military family member fails to find a place for the job, local county level government should extend accompany military did not obtain employment allowance, and must not be under local minimum wage standard.Third, for the first and second tier cities with many troops, many attached military families and great resettlement pressure, the local government can refer to the quantitative integral method of the army unified housing construction, according to the military age, rank, meritorious service, with the number of years, unified quantitative ranking resettlement work.Fourth, the military can increase the proportion of spouses of active servicemen in the recruitment of civilian personnel, and the age requirement can be relaxed appropriately, or 3-5 years old (for reference only).At the same time, the professional restrictions on military spouses should be appropriately relaxed, and for some management posts that are not professional, the professional restrictions are not required.Eileen Chang said, the greatest happiness in life, is to find the one you love just loves you.So I wish every comrade-in-arms and sister-in-law can choose their own love, love their choice!All shall be well, Jack shall have Jill!

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