The initiative of Hengshui education

If we talk about education, the first is Hengshui.Hengshui is also famous for its education in China.The number of students who graduated from hengshui, 985,211, is countless, and there are even more undergraduates.His methods of education have certainly borne fruit.As a result, many parents send their children here, no matter how far, no matter the tuition, no matter the usual expenses, as long as they can get the grades, everything can be overcome.Of course, Hengshui Middle School is not money to go to the school, he requires the children to achieve a certain score, are the city and county of the good performance of the students.In the high-quality students, through the examination and then divided the tuition level, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands.Many of the children studying in Hengshui are students from other places. Because of the long distance, the school implements the boarding system and has a holiday every half a month. The holiday is on Saturday morning and back to school on Sunday afternoon.It was certainly impossible for the children to go home.So parents go to stay in hotels near the school on Friday and pick up their children on Saturday.Parents pick up their children, always want to give their children something good to eat, restaurant business also followed good;When returning to school, prepare daily necessities and snacks for half a month, and the supermarket business is also very good;The children need to be picked up by taxi, and the taxi business is quite satisfactory to the driver.A school influences many related industries.Schools that produce elite college students will have a range of responses.For their children, parents devote their money and energy to support hengshui’s education as well as its economy.

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