Coagulate heart gathers strength to seek development innovation solid action spectrum new chapter

Xingsha Times news (reporter Song Binbin, Li Danlong, Huiling) February 14, to attend the second session of the 18th Changsha County People’s Congress of the NPC deputies, continue to review the work report of the conference.The delegates with full enthusiasm, around the conference work report, closely related to the actual and their own work of Changsha County, actively speak for the people, to promote the county economic and social development of high quality suggestions, the atmosphere was warm.The following are excerpts.After listening carefully to the report on the work of the government, I felt that the content of the report was particularly solid, the thinking was particularly clear, and the key points were particularly prominent. As a grassroots deputy, I was deeply impressed.As a community party secretary jiang back town of plum, combines the actual conditions of the plum blossom industry &trade district, I suggest that plum flower industry and trade as a whole new level of planning and design at the county level shall, into its characteristics and highlights of the park, using jinxiu jiangnan ecological farm as 3 a level scenic spot and plum flower industry and the advantage of the new city center of green space, the organic combination of ecology and park, building green ecological park.At the same time, we will speed up the improvement of infrastructure in the new area, and ensure that more quality projects can be launched and take effect.– Changsha County people’s Congress deputy, Jiangbei town Meihua community Party general Branch Secretary Chen Jianliang government work report inspiring, after listening to me inspired, I will deeply understand, implement, implement the spirit of this meeting.As a meteorological worker, we will strive to improve the professional level, continue to introduce the latest meteorological equipment, constantly improve the accuracy of meteorological forecast and early warning, for the production and life of the people in the county to do a good job of meteorological monitoring and forecast and early warning services.In the past year, the Standing Committee of the County people’s Congress has done a lot of solid work, which is a year of forging ahead and doing solid work.As a grass-roots representative, I pay close attention to rural education. In view of the double reduction of education, I suggest that off-campus training be incorporated into after-school training, which can not only reduce the burden of teachers, but also promote the employment and development of off-campus education institutions.– Donna, changsha County people’s Congress deputy, Ansha Town Shi Central Primary School Chinese teacher, old-age care is a big concern of everyone, we are very happy to see that in response to the aging trend of the population, Changsha County is not only sonant, but also constantly explore innovation.Today, changsha County has basically formed a pension service system that “takes the government as the leading force, the market as the main body, coordinates with home community institutions, and combines medical care with health care”.Under the “difference” planning, xingsha will aim at “house” topics such as “wisdom endowment”, further improve the old-age service system, improving the quality of pension services, let the county to the old time “, some old men, old-aged’s providing, LaoYouSuoAn “, this will let the elderly and their families get remarkable increase of feeling and happiness.After listening to the report on the work of the government, I felt proud of the brilliant achievements made by Changsha County last year.As a deputy of the National People’s Congress and the person in charge of the enterprise, I will make unremitting efforts to further make the enterprise bigger and stronger and contribute to the prosperity and stable development of my hometown.At the same time, I suggest that we should further standardize the labor relationship between enterprises and migrant workers, strengthen the publicity of the protection of migrant workers’ rights and interests, timely notify and punish violations of the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers.– Yu Dinghua, Deputy to the People’s Congress of Changsha County and General Manager of Changsha Jiehua Steel Structure Co., LTD.During my grass-roots visits, I found that there are many remote villages without public transport services, which makes it very inconvenient for the elderly, women and children to travel in these areas. I suggest that public transport should be extended to those villages where conditions permit, so as to further open up the “last mile” of services for the convenience of people and make it more convenient for people to travel.– Lu Sha, deputy of Changsha County People’s Congress and women’s leader of Guangshanli Group, Songjiaqiao Village, Ansha Town

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