In the past five years, jining CPPCC has received 3,323 proposals and registered 2,764

China Shandong network – Perception shandong February 15 news (reporter Hu Gaotong) the CPPCC proposal is an important form of the CPPCC to perform the functions of political consultation, democratic supervision, participation in the deliberation and administration of state affairs, the proposal work is an overall work of the CPPCC.On the morning of February 15, jining Municipal Government information Office held a press conference to introduce the proposal work of the 13th Jining Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).Reporters learned that since the first meeting of the 13th CPPCC in Jining City, a total of 3323 proposals have been received, and 2764 cases have been registered after review.Of the proposals, 774, or 28 percent, were related to economic development.581, or 21%, were related to urban and rural development;724 related to education, science, culture, health and sports, accounting for 26%;553, or 20 percent, were related to ensuring people’s wellbeing.Other aspects 132, accounting for 5%.In the past five years, the municipal CPPCC adheres to the proposal work policy of “centering on the center, serving the overall situation, improving quality and stressing actual results”, and takes improving the quality of proposal and proposal handling as the goal, constantly improving the system and procedures, paying close attention to the improvement of service efficiency, and the proposal work has entered the track of institutionalization, standardization and scientification.The city CPPCC Party Group and the chairman’s conference regularly study the proposal work, timely coordinate to solve key and difficult problems, the city CPPCC Standing Committee meeting seriously consider the case and selection of the key proposal.The Municipal CPPCC Office closely coordinates with the Municipal Party Committee office and the Municipal Government office, and jointly assigns supervision and compacting units to handle responsibilities.The special committees of the Municipal CPPCC organically combined consultation on the handling of proposals with special consultations, counterpart consultations, inspection and research, organized members to carry out in-depth research, urged the undertaking units to focus on research and handling, and promoted the effective resolution of the problems raised in the proposals.Strengthen the various counties urban district people’s political consultative conference, CPPCC, constituency member units and proposals of groups to undertake unit connection guidance, timely organized the city’s Chinese people’s political consultative conference, democratic federation proposal work symposium, deliver superior spirit, practice experience, work arrangement, formed the broad participation, proceed with the proposal vivid situation.Strengthen knowledge guide quality to achieve new breakthroughs in research work on the “jining city CPPCC committee about the opinions of improving the quality of the proposal, held special training proposal knowledge, normalized institutional organization to carry out the study and communication, research consultation activities such as inspection, negotiation, help members informed and know the truth, improve the ability of role and recommendations.We strengthened guidance on the topic selection of proposals, solicited key questions from Party and government departments and all sectors of society every quarter, and, after collecting and sorting them out, sent more than 500 references to participants, activity groups of sector members and all members of the CPPCC for topic selection, thus making the topic selection of proposals more targeted and timely.Strengthen key proposal, on the basis of widely collecting selection proposal topic, and the democratic parties, federations of the municipal, don’t member activity groups from all walks of life negotiation key research topics identified more than 200 proposals, regularly scheduled proposal research, writing case, to strengthen the tracking service, tour guide, to create “high-quality goods” lay the foundation.We will strengthen the examination and filing of proposals, and carry out multi-stage joint examination of proposals submitted by the group for initial examination, group review by the Committee for Proposing Proposals, and collective review for filing proposals. We will strictly enforce the criteria for filing proposals, and the requirement that proposals should be refined rather than numerous is gradually implemented.We ensured that Party and government leaders read and approved key proposals, and party secretaries and mayors took the lead in signing and approving CPPCC proposals, providing clear guidance on the handling of proposals.Other city leaders actively read and approved the proposals in their respective areas of responsibility, and put forward specific requirements for handling.Over the past five years, party and government leaders have read and approved 177 key proposals, all of which have been incorporated into the municipal Party committee office and municipal government office to track and supervise the handling of key issues, facilitating the implementation of the proposals and suggestions.We improved the supervision mechanism led by members of the Chairman’s Meeting of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), supervised the handling of more than 180 key proposals concerning 36 aspects and the concerns of the Party and the government and the general public, organized dialogue between the proposers and organizers, and supervised the handling of proposals by means of consultation, research and inspection, which promoted in-depth and practical handling of proposals.We introduced public opinion supervision, invited sponsors and representatives from different sectors to participate in consultation on the handling of proposals, organized news media to track the implementation of key proposals and proposals on people’s livelihood in more than 20 areas, such as “strengthening property management” and “unimpeded urban road traffic”, so as to achieve greater results in the handling of proposals.Methods and mechanisms for improving service efficiency have been improved. Measures for Soliciting, selecting and pushing Reference Topics for Proposals, Measures for Handling and Consulting Proposals, Measures for Making Proposals Public, and Measures for Double Evaluation of Proposals have been successively formulated, and the working system and mechanism for proposals have been continuously improved.The “Internet plus Proposals” initiative has been innovatively implemented, and an online proposal management system platform has been established to provide online and convenient services for the submission, filing and handing over of proposals, as well as supervision and response of proposals.The government has intensified publicity efforts, compiled books such as 100 Cases of Major Influential Proposals and Compilation of Proposals Work Reports, and cooperated with the media at all levels to thoroughly publicize and report on their experience in writing and handling proposals, and fully demonstrate the achievements of government advisers’ suggestions.Strengthen incentives and guidance, open the content of proposals on the website of the Municipal CPPCC, handle replies, accept social supervision, and force both parties to improve the quality of work;Carry out bidirectional democratic evaluation of proposal work, comprehensively evaluate the quality of proposal and handling, and play the role of “promoting reform through evaluation”;The circular praised the annual “excellent proposal”, “advanced proposal undertaking unit” and the “advanced Proposal worker” of the 13th Municipal CPPCC, creating a good atmosphere for the public to pay attention to and support the proposal work.

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