Leaders of Binzhou supervised the epidemic prevention and control work in colleges and universities

On February 17, Vice Mayor Du Yujie supervised the epidemic prevention and control work in Lubei Technician College, Binzhou Vocational College, Binzhou College and Binzhou Medical College.During the supervision, Du yujie focused on the school gate control measures, canteens and other places of epidemic prevention measures and environmental eradication, epidemic prevention materials and other information, and listened to the school preparation and epidemic prevention and control work report.Du yujie said that colleges and universities have a large number of students from all over the country, so we should attach great importance to it from the ideological point of view, strictly do a good job in preparation for the opening of the school and epidemic prevention and control work, and further optimize the relevant work plan of epidemic prevention and control at the beginning of the school.To ensure that all prevention and control measures are implemented, it is necessary to ensure that school gates are under control, key places are removed, teachers and students’ health status is monitored, and epidemic prevention materials are stocked.

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