The gaze of that moment

Because of gum inflammation, go to the community health station to get water to reduce inflammation, 3 small bottles.It was cold in the hall, so the doctors gave up their offices and allowed patients to administer fluids in air-conditioned rooms.There was an old lady by the window, accompanied by an old man. The room was small and there was no extra chair. The old man had been hanging around outside, sometimes looking at each other through the window, and his concern was all in his gaze at that moment.It is often said that young couples grow old together.The letter.In November 2017, I accompanied my old mother to Shanghai Lung Hospital for an operation. There was an old woman in the next window who had just undergone surgery, and she was accompanied by her wife, both over 70 years old.As soon as we talked, it turned out to be Shanghai aborigines.However, the two are actually old educated youth, first sent to the remote Xinjiang battle day battle ground, there met, fell in love, married, a stay for several years.At the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s, educated youth returned to the city, but they experienced hardships.At that time, Shanghai was full of waste, so they moved to Shanghai (Haifeng) Farm, a Shanghai enclave in Dafeng, Yancheng.But the old educated youth refused to accept, to slow down to protest, two or three years later they were relocated to Chongming, closer to their hometown.The two old dry for several years, the son was admitted to the urban secondary school, good results, distribution is good, gradually settled down.The two old educated youth retired at the age of 50.At the time, their son had an apartment in Shanghai’s old town, and they had saved another.Back to life, the two old people feel wasted, fortunately, old age is still good.They all smiled and shook their heads.Another year, the old mother went to jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital for treatment. The bed next to her was an old man from Lishui. After the operation, he was often confused and mistook for someone else every day.The children and grandchildren visit occasionally and bring some food.Because of the strict family planning policy many years ago, the consequences of fewer children have emerged. Now, the elderly in their 70s generally have several children, so it is not a problem to accompany them in their old age, but the middle-aged and old people in their 50s May face difficulties, because the one-child policy has led to their inevitable loneliness in their old age.An old man lived alone in the old city of Yancheng. His only child had a successful career in Shanghai. He had a house, a car and children, but he was busy with work and housework, so he could not go home often.The old man lives alone, his diet and health are worrying. Although there is community care and regular visits, he cannot enjoy the happiness of his extended family after all. His lonely eyes are heartbreaking.This is the reality, complain too much hurt body, or to accept.The old two together, together, a sunny attitude, a positive life, is the right solution.

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