Urgent reminder!Anyone who has been to these places since January 8th, 20th and 21st should report immediately!

Alert!Shandong shanxi provinces report four infections associated with Beijing fengtai refrigerator 2 shandong jinan long-distance freight drivers confirmed once in Beijing fengtai a refrigerator contact with confirmed cases is late on January 22nd, in shandong province teachnolosy of notifying Beijing investigation has isolation control of close contacts for nucleic acid detection, found 2 test positive for nucleic acid.In the early hours of 23 January, two people were diagnosed as confirmed cases of COVID-19 after a consultation by a panel of experts.The two confirmed cases, both long-distance freight drivers, were close contacts of confirmed cases in Beijing on January 20 and had contact with confirmed cases at a cold storage facility in the southwest suburb of Fengtai District in Beijing.Gaotang County, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, reported a new asymptomatic COVID-19 patient at 4:00 am on January 23. The patient was a returnee from a cold storage unit in Fengtai, Beijing.The asymptomatic patient drove from Beijing’s Fengtai district to Gaotang County on January 21.The case is a returnee from a cold storage in Fengtai district, Beijing.On January 22, 2022, yungang District of Datong city conducted nucleic acid tests on a returnee from Fengtai District of Beijing, and the result was positive.In the early morning of January 23, both the datong CDC and the Fourth People’s Hospital tested positive and were transferred to the Fourth People’s Hospital by negative pressure ambulance for diagnosis and treatment.Nucleic acid positive, female, 32 years old, for the southwest suburb of Beijing Fengtai district cold storage staff.On January 20, 18:43, with the negative nucleic acid test certificate issued by Beijing Bo ‘ao Medical Laboratory on the 19th, she and her husband took the G2541 train from Beijing North Railway Station, got off at 20:29 to Datong South Railway Station, and took a taxi (Jin BT4790) to xinheyuan Community, Liukuang New District, Yungang District, where she now lives.January 20 – January 22 home quarantine.At present, the global COVID-19 epidemic is still at a high level, with the daily number of newly confirmed cases exceeding 3.9 million. China continues to face great pressure from imported COVID-19 cases.The recent outbreak of Beijing more distributed, shandong jinan, liaocheng city, datong, shanxi and other places, has been associated with the patients, epidemic situation grim and complex, the Spring Festival approaching, turnover increased, our province “outside the input, the rebound in the” pressure increases further, to input and resolutely prevent epidemic spread risks, henan CDC emergency remind are as follows: 1, please immediately reported to the initiative.Since January 8, has been to Beijing fengtai district, chaoyang district, fangshan district, since Jan. 20 to shanxi datong yungang area licheng district of jinan, shandong province, January 21, since to liaocheng in shandong gaotang or overlap with the cases of trajectory into prepared to return and personnel, especially the recent from Beijing fengtai (return) and personnel, please immediately take the initiative to report to the community (village),We will coordinate with the implementation of quarantine control, nucleic acid testing, health monitoring and other prevention and control measures.2. Do not travel to affected areas unless necessary.We will pay close attention to the COVID-19 situation in China and refrain from traveling to areas with high or medium risk and local outbreaks in the near future.If you do need to go to your destination, you must take good personal protection, pay attention to the risk of the epidemic in your destination, report to your employer, your local community or the local epidemic prevention and control department in a timely manner, and cooperate in epidemic prevention and control measures.Third, we must guard against both people and things.The Spring Festival is approaching, when buying imported food, especially cold chain food, you should buy products with complete customs quarantine certificates, nucleic acid testing certificates and disinfection certificates, and do not buy imported cold chain food of unknown origin.If they find any products, they should report immediately, seal up the food and cooperate with relevant departments to implement epidemic prevention measures while taking good personal protection.Wear masks when shopping in malls and supermarkets, avoid peak hours, minimize direct contact when choosing items, avoid touching mouth, eyes and nose with hands, and control and shorten the stay time.Iv. Personal protection is not relaxed.Keep good hygiene habits such as frequent washing of hands, regular ventilation and wearing masks. Do not gather in groups or gather together. Keep a social distance of more than 1 meter.5. Complete vaccination as soon as possible.Novel Coronavirus vaccination is currently the most cost-effective and effective means of preventing Novel coronavirus infection. Studies have shown that booster vaccination is effective in preventing mutant strains.Members of the public who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19, who have not completed full vaccination or who meet the requirements for booster vaccination are advised to go to the nearest vaccination clinic to get vaccinated as soon as possible, so as to jointly build a national immunization barrier.6. Actively carrying out health monitoring.Focus on individual and family health, once appear, fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, smell (taste) sleep loss, diarrhea, please wear masks to the nearest fever clinics or medical establishment that decide a dot visits and screening, and truthfully inform individual living history, history of activity and exposure history, go to a doctor on the way to avoid taking public transportation.Source: Henan CDC Responsible editor: Li Wenjun Editor: Zhang Yuhao Review: Luo Qiang Liu Wanjun Supervisor: Zheng Wei Part of the content of the picture from the network copyright attribution to the original author all rights, please contact to delete contact tel: 6131399 email: xixiantvgzh@163.com

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