What is the origin of Jiu Mozhi?How did you learn to fire knife?Why are you obsessed with the Six-vein Sword

His full name is Sauboche Kumochi.Jiu Mozhi does not wish with tubo black religion master to practice the secret school double practice of law, would rather sacrifice oneself to jump off a cliff, do not want a blessing in disguise, under chance coincidence, learned the han shen Gong flame knife, in order to wipe out the black religion, the western border.Jiu Mozhi full name Saul Bo and Jiu Mozhi, the King of The Tubo Kingdom, the Buddhist Ningma school, abbot of The Snow Mountain Great Lun Temple, since the number “Great Lun Ming King”, was born in a rich family in The Tubo Saska.Jiu Mozhi is intelligent since childhood and has a photographic memory.His father saw his genius, reading and writing five bright not to teach that is, and obsessed with martial arts, then everywhere to accept the Tubo stranger famous, teach wen teach wu and Jiu Mo zhi, in order to let him bear the responsibility of this huge clan in the future, from which Jiu Mo Zhi art also progress day by day.At the beginning, the esoteric religion was introduced to The Tubo by Master Watson, who destroyed the foreign Taoism, established the temple, formulated the dogma and translated the Sanskrit classics. After hundreds of years, esoteric religion prevailed in The Tubo. However, due to the special geographical environment of The Tubo, the different teachings and books of the Tubo, and the special style of esoteric religion, gradually formed six sects.In the following hundred years, Ningma School continued to enrich and improve the teaching ritual, deifying all sentient beings and helping countless people, making Ningma school stand out as a unique sect carrying tripod in Tubo.Tubo black sect see ningma increasingly respected, heart has unwilling, hence forged secret teaching classics, under the guise of gods, ignorant people, extortion, to control the whole tubo region by cruel and vicious means.Although the Ningma faction had tried and defeated the Black Cult for several times, the main shrine of the Black Cult was located on the summit of Kailash Peak, with a very high and treacherous mountain path. Moreover, each of the seven peaks and thirteen cliffs was a natural danger that could not be surmounted by human forces. As a result, the Ningma faction’s attempts to besiege and defeat the Black Cult failed repeatedly.This year, Jiu Mozhi gang and 15 black priests were greedy for jiu Mozhi’s family’s property and killed 15 members of his family. Ningma sent dalun Temple of snow Mountain to lead the way here, and saved Jiu Mozhi in the mouth of the tiger and brought him back to snow Mountain and out of danger.Since then, Jiu Mozhi began the fanatical pursuit of supreme martial arts, in order to avenge his family.However, the Ningma school mainly focused on the study of secret books. In addition, ten years ago, seven elite warriors of the Ningma School were killed when the Black School attacked the Dalun Temple in the Snow Mountain, and the flame sword, the most excellent martial art and secret book of the Ningma School, was also missing. As a result, the Ningma school lost its talent and lost its strength to compete with the Black School.Although Jiu Mozhi is a wuxue prodigy, but suffering from no unique wuxue, although diligent and hard practice, in the Tubo can only barely count a second – third role.This year, the chief guru of Ningma Religion, who opened an altar to preach sutras, lost his way in a snowstorm and accidentally entered the territory of the black religion and was detained.Although Ningma religion is willing to help others, the whole temple of the Black religion is difficult to overcome, and the upper and lower levels of the religion are powerless.Just and the weak head of the jiu Mozhi, who admits to be elegant, rhetoric is gorgeous, since the high courageously, decided to go up alone kailash, the war of words, welcome back to the master.Although the ningma sect tried their best to persuade Jiu Mozhi, the future was uncertain and there must be no return, and they were martyred for this, which was unnecessary. However, they saw Jiu Mozhi resolutely and had no other way, so they had to leave him.When a dove is the think tank is black teach congregations, led by special stone burst, a line of road, trap narrow way, everywhere to snow mountain peak, was rocked by sight spectacles, black teach total altar, concave space the mountain house hall, cornices shelf, like dangling, enchase between maninsan steep cliff, is thrilling, kit kat.More surprising to Jiu Mozhi, black jiao Zhang Jiao turned out to be an age similar to his own, blue eyes and snow skin, beautiful Tibetan woman.This woman see Jiu Mo zhi body long seven feet five inches, face such as crown jade, lips if grease, autumn water as god, muscle such as ice and snow, can be called absolutely beautiful, can not help but look at the obscene color, and reported the door mei green flag.When Jiu Mo zhi explains come to meaning, mei green flag complexion sink, then propose to win with wu Ding, life and death also each an destiny, the defeated person obeys the order of the winner.Jiu Mozhi originally wanted to influence Mei Lvdi through secret school books, but now he saw that mei lvdi was a small and weak woman, so he didn’t care about her and promised happily.Unexpectedly, mei green flag of god, dozens of recruit will jiu Mo zhi hit without the strength of counterattack, Jiu Mo zhi had to embrace defeat, willing to listen to mei green flag disposition.Do not want to mei green flag request was to let Jiu Mozhi stay in black church total altar, and she study tantric double practice.Secret school kungfu this has single repair, double repair of different, and their lives are authentic, dispute has been a hundred years, but because of the secret school double repair spread more than the person, most of the inheritors love their room strange, during the period, more greedy bed happy people to improve, unexpectedly created this kind of disaster in the world, endless work method.Up to now, but is to take Yin to complement Yang or Yang to complement Yin, countless harm, or from harm its body, and infamous, for the honorable gentleman, to hear its name and wash their ears, jealous evil to the bone.Mei green flag see Jiu Mo zhi low eyebrow not a word, suddenly swim eyes look around, say its do not want to repair with oneself double, also can jump off a cliff automatically, no matter life and death, also can not calculate to break a promise.Mei Lvdi saw Jiu Mozhi bowed his head to meditate, secretly happy in his heart, thinking that he would follow his heart.Jiu Mozhi did not want to look back, suddenly leap forward, in the twinkling of an eye has fallen in the vast clouds, the figure disappeared.Jiu Mozhi’s heroic and unyielding spirit, also because of this battle and famous move rivers and lakes, people praised.Besides, dove “wisdom cliff drops, anti mist has been enclosed, if, in the ordinary people, have blood upwelling, unconscious, while the intellectual concentration along the dove is extremely strong, mind not disorderly, with eyes open four, electricity glance sparkling, see suddenly feet to ten zhangs, several strains of ancient pine trees Qiu attached to the wall, there is a huge rattan set, by a few root dry vine capture, vertical towards our lives.In a blink of an eye, jiu Mozhi dropped eight or nine zhangs. He quickly lifted his air and moved lightly. Then his waist was a nut, and his body was inclined to fly to the rattan pan.At that moment, jiu Mozhi exited his breath and began to bend his waist and kick his legs. His head sank and his feet turned up. The tip of his toe caught the ancient pine branch.Jiu Mozhi on the rattan dish, unexpectedly found pine root there is a stone chamber.The stone chamber was only about ten feet in size, facing a precipice. Beside it was the abyss, which was so cloudy that you could not see the bottom.Looking down, jiu Mozhi could not help but break out in a cold sweat as a skeleton lay at his feet. The scene was too unexpected for him.After that, Jiu Mozhi composed himself and bent over the skeleton. His clothes had long since decayed into dust, and a dagger was still shining beside him.Jiu Mozhi looked around, saw the stone wall with the Sanskrit thick seal cut small words, carefully check, this just know the reason.Originally, 10 years ago, the black church learned that the snow mountain big wheel temple in possession of kuangshi martial arts strange book flame knife, determined to own, so under the leadership of the former Lord big wheel temple.Master Huo Zhen Guru, one of the seven warriors of Ningma school, was obsessed with martial arts all his life, but his root bone was not good enough, so he could not understand the essence of the flame sword and failed to achieve great success.When the black religion attacked, Huo Zhen Guru was afraid that the flame knife would fall into the hands of the evil cult, so he wrote the secret book in his heart and destroyed it.The black cult captured the fire Zhen Guru and took him to the black Cult general altar, where he threatened and lured him with money in the hope that the guru could present him silently. However, the fire Zhen Guru would rather die than surrender and kept silent, and while the guards were not prepared, he jumped into the cliff and landed on the vine plate, which saved his life.But the bottom of the cliff was dark and foggy, and the edge of the cliff was wet and slippery with moss. Let alone jumping down, even if we climbed down the wall, we would surely slip and fall into the dark and bottomless gully.Huo Zhen Guru had to live in this stone chamber, finally exhausted and died.Before dying, the master carved the whole story and the flame knife on the stone wall with the dagger he carried, in order to eliminate the black religion and maintain the peace of Tubo.Although the master is trapped in the stone chamber, even though he is exhausted, he has no regrets, but the only regret is that he can not see with his own eyes the supernatural work of han dynasty which is as famous as the Flame knife, Dali Six veins Supernatural sword, Shaolin 72 unique skills, murong family changes of time, I hope to see it in the spirit of heaven.Jiu Mo zhi see fire true guru for baoning Ma send extremely martial arts, at the cost of death, and no regrets, can not help but fall, secretly determined, must complete its will, vowed to burn these books of martial arts secrets next to the bones of the master, comfort its spirit in heaven.This flame dao is called dao method, but actually it is the palm method. It condenses the internal force of the palm edge, and then sends it out with the internal force. It hurts people within three zhangs with unreal strength, which is similar to Dali Six-vein Magic sword.Jiu Mo zhi this talent bingyi, extraordinary root bone, not a few days will understand the essence of the flame knife, as long as a period of time, soon can be connected.Trapped in the stone chamber, Jiu Mozhi could not slip down from the high peak. Suddenly he thought of the day when he jumped off the cliff and wrapped his clothes in the wind. Suddenly he had an idea.This method is extremely risky, just to survive in death, as expected two pants in the drum full of air, the decline of the potential greatly weakened, landing, a forward turn, Jiu Mozhi finally safe landing.Jiu Mozhi returned to the snow mountain big wheel temple, ningma sent up and down overjoyed, learned that its blessing in disguise had learned to disappear for a long time already flame knife, but also cheers unceasingly.After a few months, Jiu Mozhi flame knife dacheng, decided to eradicate the tubo cancer tantric black religion.Thinking of the way to break the black religion, Jiu Mozhi suddenly thought of a way to break the black religion. So he asked the followers of Ningma Religion to make round umbrellas out of thick cloth and tie strong leather cords under them. In a few days, hundreds of umbrellas were sewn together.Cattle and sheep are then slaughtered and the meat is frozen at a high peak higher than Kailash.After the order, Jiu Mozhi took the lead and took the lead to jump off. For a time, a top umbrella opened, the air like a hundred flowers bloom, a top umbrella opened, with the warriors fell steadily, fell to the altar of black religion.All of a sudden, the black religion saw countless nyingma followers, falling from the sky, all their fighting spirit, and in a short time, the black religion was wiped out.The mei green flags rushed to battle, do not want To Jiu Mozhi will flame knife internal force is divided into a number, from multiple directions at the same time to attack mei Green flags, resulting in its loss, the number of moves within the two palm, mouth out of blood, the body dead like wood lying on the ground, until Jiu Mozhi came forward to check, Mei Green flags had already fragrant away yu.After this battle, the black religion completely collapsed, Ningma religion returned to the Tubo carry triding, Jiu Mozhi was also tubo as the national master, and succeeded as the chair of the Snow Mountain Great Wheel temple, Jiu Mozhi in the Tubo wipe out the black religion, the name of the Western border also spread in the Tubo.Dove “wisdom for the fire is the guru guru will, decided to go to Turkey, retrieved Dali six pulse excalibur, shaolin stunt seventy-two, Mr. Murong family across time, to show the respect for middle-earth wulin middleman, Revere close, dove the wisdom of all thanks to post the letter for precision work to inset the gold silver word depicting, and paraphernalia, notting have is not the best showily.Since then, Jiu Mozhi far to China, opened the central plains of the trip, the prelude to the secret book of martial arts!

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