Where the Spring Festival | museum in detail see tiger camp valley “blessing”

24-hour award-winning news hotline: 86050111, 139123310012022 Where to go during Spring Festival?Year of the Tiger Grand Jeji Museum details that this year is the year of the Tiger, in order to let everyone learn about the tiger culture, Changzhou Museum in the first floor of the special exhibition hall to carry out the “tiger and Tiger blessing – Renyin New Year zodiac cultural relics pictures exhibition.”This exhibition is based on hundreds of cultural relics art pictures funded by More than 50 cultural and museum institutions jointly by China Cultural Relics Newspaper, which is divided into three parts: “Tiger leaping thousands of years – tiger in the natural world”, “Tiger occupying the East – tiger in history and culture”, “tiger traveling around the world – tiger in folk life”.At the same time, changzhou Museum selected more than 30 pieces of tiger elements, such as bronze mirrors, tiles, ceramics, calligraphy and painting, as well as tiger-related natural specimens.In addition to ancient relics such as the celadon tiger zi, the exhibition also features works by Fang Yi, a famous tiger painter from Changzhou, including his masterpiece songxi Tiger Axis.Fang Yi’s tiger painting is not confined to tradition. He has absorbed the painting techniques of Western Painter Castigano Castigano. The tiger painting is not only vivid, accurate and powerful, but also has a special grasp of the environment.Through the creation of mountains and rivers, winding streams such as the atmosphere, set off the art atmosphere of tiger roaring thousands of miles.This exhibition will continue until March 13, interested citizens should not miss it.Camping Valley In addition to the museum, Camping Valley is a great place to visit.In order to make tourists enjoy themselves more, Taihu Bay Camping Valley introduced 50 sika deer, opened up a special field to raise sika deer, attracting many tourists to come to feed.Built in Taihu Bay, Deer Island is the largest island in East China, where visitors can interact by feeding deer up close.Since ancient times, the deer has been considered as a spiritual mascot, implying good health and longevity.If you are free, you may wish to bring your family to the camping valley to see the sika deer and suck more “reiki”.In addition, taihu Bay Camping Valley, from this Year’s New Year’s Day, all unpowered equipment, and free open to visitors, until February 28.Taihu Bay camping valley manager Zhongqi: swing, mountain climbing, jungle adventure, etc., fully open to tourists free of charge.Civilization raises the dog Starts from me ▼ ▼ at the changzhou 丨 hubei 14 years old girl and “uncle” elopement police rushed three hours without the changzhou | girls born wrapped in “membrane” is the rare “ichthyosis the changzhou” | “groping” obscene girls stand up bus driver changzhou snowing, we are in action…12-year-old girl suspected of being harassed by elderly people on bus in ChangzhouConnection investigation: Changzhou “squirrel home” decoration suspected capital chain fracture changzhou: 5 years old boy suffering from eye brain kidney syndrome parents everywhere to save baby

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