A shares: Erkang pharmaceutical!This explosion, turned out to be a “bear trap”?

Was the Explosion of Alcon a conspiracy?”Conspiracy”, because a question in the exchange inquiry letter is meaningful.Last year also profitable erkang pharmaceutical, the end of the year of the ox suddenly announced explosion thunder: last year’s net loss of 650 million yuan ~ 820 million yuan, from surplus to deficit.Not only did the thunder scare investors, but it also made exchanges see stars.The exchange felt strange and issued a letter of inquiry.One of the questions asked whether the company was taking advantage of impairments such as a large provision for inventory depreciation in 2021 to adjust earnings across time periods.”Intertemporal profit adjustment”, what does that mean?Exchanges are used to the shenanigans of public companies.Exchanges see through the clever accounting baths or profit adjustments of some listed companies.So, some of the problems with the exchange are very tricky.Of course, since the listed company played the financial game, naturally will struggle to exhaust their energy, to justify themselves.So the two started a high-iq game of cat and mouse.Forget the tussle between exchanges and listed companies.The question is why would an exchange ask such a question?First, what did Alcon pharmaceuticals do?Originally, Erkang pharmaceutical based on the principle of caution, the modification of starch and starch capsule project asset group, modified starch and starch capsule series inventory and other related assets of the provision for impairment, after the initial calculation of the financial department, 2021 impairment provision is expected to be 800 million to 950 million yuan.In 2020, Erkang pharmaceutical profit;In the first three quarters of last year, the company was profitable.Why erkang pharmaceutical to the end of last year suddenly backhanded thunder, the company’s performance into a huge loss?The answer is “intertemporal profit adjustment”.How to speak?To put it simply, Erkang pharmaceutical wants to make a loss in the performance of 2021 through a large amount of impairment provision, leaving a very low ratio for the performance of 2022 turnround or high growth.What’s the point of a public company doing this?There is.Want to do stock namely!As we all know, low negative is good.With Alcon making such a bad bet, the stock must fall, and the fall is meant to bring in people who want to get as many cheap chips as possible.Where do the cheap chips come from?From retail investors.Retail investors how to be willing to low cut meat, to hand over cheap chips?You have to threaten them with big losses.So, Erkang pharmaceutical explosion thunder, and the exchange also see listed companies “small nine”.In this way, Erkang pharmaceutical explosion, in fact, is to create a “bear trap”.As to can be successful, that must see individual investor is not deceived to beneficial air.The above views do not constitute investment advice!# Stock market comment #

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