To start!Chinese New Year and friends gathering such things

Although has already started, but it is still during the Chinese New Year, everybody about friends party on New Year’s day, believe that no one will not buy wine, as a Chinese, as the saying goes: “no wine no seats”, so buy wine is a very important thing, but now fakes, and as the New Year coming, merchants wanton price, how can a low price to buy good wine?Jiuxian first specialized liquor APP, small to spirit erguotou, small white, big to maotai, wuliangye type is complete, I will give it the orientation is to sell wine industry jingdong, because it is proprietary to sell wine, so the delivery speed, as well as after-sales service will not have any third party disputes, and never been on a winebibber web APP like some events similar to the fakes.There are three advantages of using Jiuxian APP to buy wine. First, it is self-operated and there is no third party to make a profit.The second point is that there are warehouses all over the place, now the end of the express speed is very slow, and it can save a lot of time nearby delivery;The third point is that there are seconds every day, if you are patient, you can buy good wine at the lowest price, for example, more than 10 yuan can buy Jin Liufu Wuliangye.1919 quick drink 1919 quick drink a lot of people may be used, but this is a very useful APP, because can through software localization wine stores nearby, the fastest of more than 10 minutes to get you to buy a drink, and have a platform to do guarantee, don’t have to worry about buy fakes, if you have any friends to come recently, through other ways to buy wine too late,Just try this APP.However, there are some problems with this APP. Although the website on the computer side is well maintained, the APP often fails to open, prompting 404. In this case, it can’t be used, and it covers less small cities.Little wine that is a very interesting liquor APP, it can not only sell wine can also make money, have a little social attributes, such as do you want a drink, drank it feels good, recommend to friends, it also place an order to buy a little, then you can get the rebate, the drinks free directly, the words of friends found like the wine you also got free of charge, very good.This APP actually besides can recommend friends free of charge, and there are many benefits, such as it is 1 day delivery is the slowest speed, that is to say within 24 hours you can certainly get you to buy wine, there is a lot of more phyletic, the wine at home abroad, you know, almost are sold above, but also support trading wine, buy low sell high.However, there is a disadvantage, for example, if you buy a bottle of wine, it will not be sent to you, and the order will be over 1000, which is a little too much for ordinary families. In addition, there should be some problems in APP design, the speed of page switching and Internet connection is very slow, and the price of wine is generally expensive.

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