“Worldly” : mock Feng into zhou Rong, is really not mesa

“The world” in the Zhou Rong, should be in recent years domestic drama the most selfish person?As a daughter, she could abandon her parents for love.As a wife, she could often mock her husband in front of outsiders.As a mother, she never really cared about her daughter, but she wanted her daughter to live her life according to her ideas.As a social person, when the unit is divided, only three of the thirteen members speak for her.Her parents can tolerate her, her husband can tolerate her, her daughter can perfunctory her, but colleagues will not spoil her.In The case of CAI Xiaoguang made a guarantee, Zhou Rong still sub-room failure, visible her life has much failure.In life, Zhou Rong’s consistent principle is to be self-centered, never to consider others’ feelings.When she fell in love with the identity of the poet Feng Cheng, they tried their best to get feng Cheng’s address, began to write to him.Later dissatisfied with the two only stay in the pen Pal relationship, they went to Beijing and Feng Huacheng to meet.One of the reasons feng was criticized in the original novel was because zhou Rong wrote him a letter.Those letters became The evidence of Feng’s seduce working-class children, but also let him be criticized more miserable.The TV series also beautify Zhou rong, portraying her as a brave girl who pursues love.That Feng Huacheng was sent to Guizhou, Zhou Rong is not far away to follow her.For Feng, this could be a timely help.But for Zhou’s parents, it was worse than worse.Her parents were afraid that she would suffer a loss when she went to the countryside, so they decided to let their youngest son Zhou Bingkun go. Zhou rong not only failed her parents, but also left without saying goodbye.Even after her father forgave her, but also specially to see her, she will still put tough words to the old father, said he can break off relations with his parents in order to Feng Cheng.Originally thought that her love for Feng Turned into, will be as deep as she said.But with the development of the plot, we found that Zhou Rong love is not Feng Huacheng himself.Zhou Rong is not so much in love with Feng, as she loves feng’s halo at that time.When the girl is pregnant with spring, she knew the glittering poet in that era, and then she is like the girl chasing stars now, regardless of him.Strictly speaking, Zhou Rong is not as good as some starstruck girls.After all, true iron fans still firmly believe that their idols are the best even when their idols get fat, collapse their houses and even go to jail.But Zhou Rong to Feng Cheng, apparently much more ruthless.When Feng Cheng’s identity as a poet no longer shines, Zhou Rong began to look at him how not pleasing to the eye.Two people went to Beijing, Feng Cheng in order to divide the house, pick up her daughter to live early, gave up the association and went to the library.From then on, the poet in the clouds became a housewife who turned around the pot every day.But his these pay, Zhou Rong but as a matter of course, is not willing to admit that he is paying for the family.When Feng Cheng in order to branch and had to put down the culture of lofty, carrying gifts to ask for people, Zhou Rong only ridicule Feng Cheng.Zhou Rong said she wanted to pick up her daughter, but she didn’t want to do anything for her daughter.She went to her brother’s house to see her daughter, found her daughter didn’t want to talk to her, she just left.There is no place to live at home, Feng Turned into humble in order to branch, she not only does not help, but also to his cynicism.When Feng Huacheng finally persuaded her to let her go to find the unit, she is still not willing to do it themselves, directly to find CAI Xiaoguang.She took Feng Huacheng’s family as a matter of course, and CAI Xiaoguang’s help to himself as a matter of course.She satire Feng Huarong in order to give gifts to people is dirty, but do not think they find CAI Xiaoguang help have any problems, do not think CAI Xiaoguang in order to help her and ask people to give any problems.More let a person speechless is, after that branch room failure, her series of god operation.She first called CAI Xiaoguang, saying she did not blame CAI Xiaoguang, but insisted on asking what gift he had given her.Then ran to find the director of the branch miao, CAI Xiaoguang sent the gift to come back.And also justly think, since director Miao did not do it, you should return the gift.Even CAI Xiaoguang, who has always supported her unconditionally, was speechless to her operation.However, Zhou Rong not only realize their mistakes, actually also accused Feng Huacheng in front of CAI Xiaoguang.Patronize feng Into a personal attack, put him down for the family of self-esteem, directly on the ground.Finally do not forget to scold 1: dirty.She felt Feng Into the mesa, in fact, has been mocking Feng into her, is the most not the mesa of that.Zhou Rong only ridicule Feng Huacheng, but forget that she is the most scold.She knew that CAI Xiaoguang had been obsessed with her for many years, and she also knew that she could not repay her, but she still ran to CAI Xiaoguang for help as soon as something happened.Never consider oneself can let CAI Xiaoguang embarrassed, also do not care about this behavior to her husband Feng Chenggong is not fair.That is, CAI Xiaoguang is more open and aboveboard, Feng Huarong is also more generous in this respect, otherwise the operation of Zhou Rong would have triggered family conflicts in reality.From zhou Rong failed to call CAI Xiaoguang that phone can be seen, Zhou Rong knew That CAI Xiaoguang will give gifts to others in order to help her, but she even CAI Xiaoguang sent what do not know.In other words, it never occurred to her that the gift should be paid for herself.When looking for CAI Xiaoguang, she did not think that this way was not good, and when she failed, she began to feel ashamed to say that she would not feel comfortable living in the house divided in this way.Isn’t that typical of both?Also specially ran to find Director Miao, the gift back, this is not hitting CAI Xiaoguang’s face?Just because CAI Xiaoguang didn’t help get things done, she cheated him like this?If she gets a room, will she say it’s dishonorable?If she gets a room, will she return the favor to CAI Xiaoguang according to the equivalent of the gift?Obviously not.So, Zhou Rong is a typical selfish and brainless person.Why does she feel that Director Miao received CAI Xiaoguang’s gift, she must give her room?What’s more, when she went to miao Director, the other side said very clearly, not he did not try, but Zhou Rong poor popularity.Of the 13 committee members, only three stood up for Zhou Rong, which shows how unpopular Zhou Rong is at ordinary times.As you can imagine, zhou rong doesn’t get along well with her colleagues at work.The fact that she had no one to defend her is proof of that.And Zhou Rong encounter things will only find CAI Xiaoguang to help, that she did not have a real friend for so many years.You should know that Zhou Rong but in Peking University all the way from undergraduate to read a doctor, later returned to Jichun and became the youngest associate professor in the school.Her classmates and teachers were all in the upper echelons of society at that time, but she had no one to turn to, which shows how bad her popularity was.Put aside her to return to the gift of this thing, she in front of miao director’s performance is also very let people speechless.Miao director saw Zhou Rong to find himself, he asked her if it was for the house.If Zhou rong is really just for the gift, this time should be directly said.But she looked coldly at miao Director explained, just told him, I am not for this thing.Imagine miao Director of the mood at that time, will feel as a monkey play?The next zhou Rong to gift behavior, but also will let Miao director feel that she is unable to give him a look after the room.She does not consider their own this behavior will not let their follow-up branch block, more do not consider doing so, will not give CAI Xiaoguang trouble.She just wants to enjoy vested interests, and then slaps her face at those who move around so she can enjoy them.No IQ no EQ also don’t know Thanksgiving, in addition to the book read well, really can’t see zhou Rong has any flash point.Such zhou Rong, don’t say CAI Xiaoguang, even Feng Huacheng she is not worthy.– END — author: Qian Xiao statement: original is not easy, prohibit plagiarism, wash manuscript, prohibit reprint without permission, please respect other people’s fruits of labor and your face “the world” : prevent Zhou Nan to recognize zheng Juan, is not a little selfish?Sorry, no matter how good Song Jia’s acting is, she can’t save Zhou Rong’s reputation

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