Confiscation of nearly 4 million is still on the blacklist of trust-breaking

Because of false advertising, the illegal direct selling behavior, such as nanjing midrib technology development co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “nanjing midrib) accumulated the forfeiture of nearly 4 million yuan, and in 2019 by the serious illegal faithless enterprise list (blacklist), now still not removed from the blacklist, nanjing midrib is still trying to make public opinion, however, for their” case “.Administrative penalties by 5 times, confiscated 3.97 million according to the nanjing media website profile, midrib was founded in 1993, bear witness to China’s health care industry more than 20 years of development, is a layout of the health food, health supplies, health care services three areas of enterprise, the media since its inception, has been committed to the development of the ecological health, has been identified as national high and new technology enterprise,It has won the honor of Top ten public trust brand of Health care products in China, China 500 Most valuable brand and so on.However, according to the administrative penalty decision issued by The Wuxing District Market Supervision Administration of Huzhou City on March 28, 2018 (Document Number of administrative penalty Decision:Wu Municipal Supervision Office (2018) no. 25), Nanjing Zhongmai was fined RMB 2,655,306 yuan and fined RMB 80,000 yuan for “direct selling enterprises engaged in direct selling activities without completing the registration of outlets”, with a total fine of RMB 2,755,306 yuan.According to the administrative penalty decision issued by pukou District Market Supervision Administration on August 23, 2018 (Administrative penalty Decision Document No. : Pu Jian Jian Zi [2018] No. 064), Nanjing Zhongmai was fined 230,000 YUAN for “publishing illegal advertising”.According to the administrative punishment decision issued by Jiangsu Market Supervision Administration on October 11, 2018 (Administrative punishment Decision Document No. : Su Industry and Commerce Case no. 2018 00181), Nanjing Zhongmai was fined 200,000 yuan for “illegal direct selling”.According to the administrative penalty decision issued by Nanjing Pukou District Market Supervision Administration on August 15, 2019 (Administrative penalty Decision Document No. : Pu City Supervision Case no. [2019] 00007), Nanjing Zhongmai was fined 400,000 yuan for advertising content problems.According to the administrative penalty decision issued by Nanjing Pukou District Market Supervision Administration on September 6, 2019 (Administrative penalty Decision Document No. : Pushi Jianjian Zi [2019] No. 041), Nanjing Zhongmai was fined 380,000 yuan for “publishing false advertisements”;In addition, he was fined 20,000 yuan for “publishing advertisements without indicating patent number and patent type”.In the above five administrative punishments, Nanjing Zhongmai was fined a total of 3,975,306 yuan.Query through the national enterprise credit information publicity system, nanjing midrib on October 17, 2019 by nanjing pukou market supervision and administration of serious illegal faithless enterprise list, as the reason for “because of false advertising in two years by more than three times the administrative punishment, or release relationship between consumer life and health of commodities or services of false advertising,Causing personal injury or other serious adverse social effects “.In addition to being punished for false advertising, Nanjing Zhongmai has also been exposed for pyramid schemes, according to previous reports.According to “China science and technology investment” report, there have been medium medium “Laca underwear” project franchisee exposure said, Nanjing medium medium claimed medium medium Laca underwear can not only shape beautiful body curve, but also can treat, alleviate and prevent a variety of diseases.However, according to the regulations of Zhongmi, the franchise fee of “Laca underwear” project is divided into 40,000, 80,000, 160,000, 280,000 and other levels, and the corresponding levels and income calculation methods of different levels are different.Join into 4 and 80000 for common business, invest 160000 for joining trader at county level in 280000 to start a club level, and franchisees pay league able to replenish onr’s stock at a low discount prices from outside, still can continue to expand at a lower level agents, nanjing midrib according to the number of franchisees “pull head”, also designed the multiple level,Among them, only county-level agents can continue to expand the 5-layer sales network.However, many franchisees eventually found that the medium “Laca underwear” did not previously advertised the magic effect, after paying high franchise fees have appeared losses.From the analysis, Zhongmai “Laca underwear” is suspected of false publicity, and the business and sales model exposed by franchisees constitutes a typical pyramid scheme.In March 2021, Nanjing Zhongmai announced that the original Zhongmai LACA team officially left Zhongmai on July 31, 2020, zhongmai will no longer carry out any LACA underwear sales activities, and recover the sales team zhongmai trade name and trademark license.Nanjing Zhongmai seems to want to escape the influence of the pyramid scheme.

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