Mirror Twin Cities: Su Copy why zhuyan abandoned him?In fact, Su copy misunderstood Zhu Yan sister

Guide language: “mirror twin cities” why does Su copy maintain Zhu Yan abandoned him?In fact, Su copy misunderstood Zhu Yan sister “mirror · Twin Cities” is led by Li Yifeng, Chen Yuqi, Zheng Yecheng, Yang Zhiwen, Liu Haikuan, Ye Shengjia and other starring costume fantasy drama.The play is adapted from cangyue’s novel of the same name, tells the story of the sea emperor of shark sumo, with empty Mulberry princess White Maya, and empty mulberry prince True haze between three people love hate entanglege, revealed the real plot behind the cloud waste, three people jointly guard the story of cloud waste peace.Well get to the point, “the jade bone away” is “mirror the twins” prequel, “the jade bone away” haven’t online, I haven’t met Zhu Yan and shade, saw their tomb, two people buried in tecrc, white Ying with Sue us worship dead father, Sue us Zhu Yan inadvertently found her sister’s tomb, just know Zhu Yan sister died early, Sue us didn’t know I misunderstood Zhu Yan elder sister,Sister Zhu Yan did not abandon him.So 200 years ago what happened, let Su copy of zhu Yan sister misunderstanding so deep, but also mistakenly think zhu Yan sister abandoned him.Kyi entrust an orphan to dying, the fish will Sue us to Zhu Yan, therefore Zhu Yan will Sue us back to the palace, Sue us really too miserable childhood, until Sue us met Zhu Yan, Zhu Yan became a light in his heart, but not for long, Sue us sick, brought the doctor for Sue us Zhu Yan, the doctor is shark, has no intention of saw Sue a copy of the dragon,I learned that the child was of Neptune’s blood.So Shentu doctor secretly will su copy to the head of the parliament check yuan hands, check yuan will su copy back to the blue sea, however, the elders intend to continue the sea emperor’s blood, to Sue copy to cangwu yuan, to the dragon god there to confirm whether su copy is really sea emperor blood.When Su Mo heard the elders talk, he was very disappointed with his people. He did not want to be the revenge tool of his people, nor did he want to short-sell the Slaves of the Sang people.However, the elders in order to let him as the emperor of the Sea, want to leave the Su copy, do not let him go to Find Zhu Yan, so create a fantasy for Su Copy, let Su Copy sister zhu Yan abandoned him, zhu Yan in the fantasy of Su copy coldly, also said that there is no such brother Su copy.Su copy mistakenly thought zhu Yan sister abandoned him, Su copy broke his heart, left Zhu Yan sister, also left their own kindred, left the cloud.So Zhu Yan actually did not abandon Sue us, Sue us disappeared, she has been looking for Sue us, but I can’t find any signs of Sue us all the time, know Zhu Yan also when he died in the thinking of Sue us, Sue us misunderstood Zhu Yan sister in one hundred, until Sue us see Zhu Yan tomb, he didn’t understand all this, perhaps Sue us with Zhu Yan descendant of white Ying is doomed…….If you want to know more, feel free to discuss it in the comments below.Or click to follow the comments.

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