Cold water Beach: community “four micro” work method accurately meet residents’ needs

Massachusetts moment on February 24 – (correspondent Chiang his drought-striken fields Lv Shaochun Tang Qiong) late February 21, lengshuitan Xie Runmei Yang Jiaqiao wu courtyard street community residents, worried that the 76 – year – old neighbor “empty nest” the old man LeiDuan English it’s not convenient to up and down the stairs, corridor light bulb will not light to the right approved in the community supervision service WeChat group,Huang Manfeng, a resident volunteer, learned of the situation and immediately contacted the community’s property management department to buy bulbs in the early morning of February 22, which solved a “troublesome problem” in less than an hour.The corridor light is on, “empty nest” old man heart warmer.Now, wujiayuan community like Huang Manfeng such “housekeeper” is really many, these pensioners volunteer to participate in building autonomy work, become the old community residents the most intimate people.Since the launch of civilization creation activities, in order to effectively play the leading role of social organizations in the innovation of social governance, and completely reverse the passive situation of cadres and the masses, Wujiayuan community through the construction of “micro system”, cultivate “micro power”, carry out “micro projects”, store “micro love”,Explored a local characteristics of grassroots social governance and service innovation path.Wujiayuan community has also built a “linkage of the four social organizations” operation mechanism, which takes the community as the service platform, social organizations as the service carrier, social work as the service means, and community volunteer service as the supplement. Community coordination, social organization operation and management, social workers’ assistance, and community volunteers carry out specific services.Communities through the excavation and cultivation of volunteer team backbone, enhance service ability.By means of community recommendation, mass recommendation, self-recommendation and social work excavation, we will focus on the excavation of talented and enthusiastic residents in the community, cultivate them into the backbone and leaders of community volunteer teams according to their own advantages and specialties, and establish volunteer service teams with different characteristics.Through the establishment of “Love bank”, Wujiayuan community uses the bank working mechanism to organically combine volunteer management with bank storage mode, forming a working process of volunteers participating in activities, storing love and applying for exchange, and establishing a volunteer incentive mechanism with exchange services as the main and goods as the auxiliary.At the same time, the establishment of a set of outstanding volunteer service team, outstanding volunteer commendation and star rating system, according to the personality characteristics of different volunteer teams, close to the actual needs of the community, the establishment of different volunteer service projects, and constantly broaden the community volunteer team to serve the society, the masses of effective ways.After participating in the activities, volunteers can deposit their service hours in the “Love Bank”, and they can exchange corresponding daily necessities such as rice and oil with their service hours.Establish a star rating system for volunteers. Volunteers who have served for a certain number of hours can be identified as one to five star volunteers, and they can enjoy preferential treatment in shopping, loans, league membership, party membership and other aspects based on the star rating.At present, Wujiayuan community has set up 13 volunteer service teams, such as the convenience volunteer service team, civilized persuasion volunteer service team, public welfare little guardian volunteer service team, the development of 1,963 registered volunteers, “community love bank”, “People’s assembly”, “WEEKEND I show”, “public welfare little guardian” and other community old street 10 feature service projects,Throughout the year, we carried out 165 volunteer services of various kinds, serving 20,000 residents, and selected 65 of the most beautiful volunteers, opening up the “last meter” to serve the public.Community residents Tang Xinlin, Tang Manyuan two brothers were recommended as the province “advanced volunteer firefighting work”, residents Liu Zhibin was recommended as the city’s advanced individual for good samaritanism.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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