James is the first supergiant in history!He’s got zero stunts this season. He’s very respectful

Original/Oxygen is a metro as we all know, James is the closest and the only one who could surpass Jordan in second place in history.Lebron does trash talk, too. It’s part of basketball culture, but it’s always within bounds, murderous, and not the rude and quality slurs that some players have.Physically, it’s always Lebron who gets abused, and Lebron never intentionally abuses an opponent.James is also the first super player in history. He has zero skills this season and has a lot of respect for others.According to a February 8 report, veteran and former NBA referee Danny Crawford appeared on the show and spoke highly of James’ character.The referee, who coached the NBA since 1985 and retired in 2017, is particularly senior after 31 seasons, 2,000 regular season games and 300 playoff games.He’s been around a lot of superstars, including Michael Jordan, Shaquille O ‘Neal, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, and of course lebron James, no. 2 in history.Crawford started with the fact that James hasn’t had a technical offense so far this season, giving James the accepted fact that he has a lot of respect for others.It shows how respectful James really is, Crawford said.He does not exaggerate his complaints to the referee and there are no insults in his words.Indeed, lebron is one of the best superstars in history.There’s more to the referee’s comments about James and the comparison of the player’s technical offenses.He said James’ violent style, which attracts at least three players on most possessions, made it difficult for officials to determine whether he was fouled.Crawford said James would appeal if he thought he was fouled.James likes to complain, but he hasn’t done anything out of line.James’ teammates Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook have had 12 T’s this season, the most in the league, Crawford said.James doesn’t have any techs.In 19 seasons so far in his career, he has been ejected only twice.One of them happened this season, when James accidentally hit Stewart while trying to rebound.James has a reputation for protecting opponents, which has benefited players like Kawhi Leonard and Rajon Rondo.James also doesn’t fight on the court. It’s bad for kids.And James is the first leader in history, not only for the team, but also for the NBA.As the league’s no. 1 player, James dealt with the kind of crisis an NBA commissioner would have faced in 2019 and 2020.James was also very upset, but he still handled these very serious disasters perfectly.

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