Successful selection to provincial straight mechanism, the heart is very confused however, how to do?

A lot of comrades from grassroots selection to provincial organs work in the “surge of emotion” after the period will have a kind of “alone on the high-rise, looking at the end of the world road” confused feeling, there are three reasons for this sense of confusion: one is a strong sense of frustration.Provincial organs gather a lot of excellent competitors, the strong pressure from competitors will make themselves a strong sense of frustration;Second, “acclimatization”.Made agencies working mode and basic way of working there is a certain difference, made office work, by writing and grass-roots work more is fill out a form and “practice”, the work mode of different can let us in the “jet lag” to produce a transient “and” feeling, difficult to adapt to.Third, invisible “problems”.Things we talk about in private.In the face of all kinds of setbacks and difficult to adapt to, how should we sharpen ourselves, as soon as possible out of confusion, from the masses of sentient beings stand out?In this paper, the author based on his years of work experience in provincial organs, summed up the following aspects of the recommendations for readers to learn.First, improve writing ability.Writing ability is one of the necessary abilities for cadres of provincial organs. Many of the work of provincial organs is “shaped in the brain and formed in the paper”, that is to say, all the work must be written out in words.For example, if you are holding a small meeting, you can’t call the attendees one by one. You should draft the meeting notice, prepare the meeting materials, take the meeting minutes, summarize the work and report the progress of the work to the relevant departments in a timely manner.”Although a sparrow is small, it has all the five organs”. It seems to be a simple meeting, and every work needs to be completed through written materials.Therefore, in the provincial organ work, we must read more documents, read more newspapers, learn more frontier knowledge, continue to improve their writing skills, this is the basic skills, be sure to play solid, with a solid foundation, to build a hundred feet tall building.Second, strengthen communication and coordination ability.Coordination and communication ability is a necessary comprehensive ability and quality for cadres of provincial organs. Even in the business office, there are a lot of daily work to communicate and coordinate with relevant departments and bureaus or departments. Comprehensive departments need not mention it.In order to stand out from the numerous outstanding people in provincial organs, it is necessary to open up and boldly coordinate work in daily work, deliberately seek opportunities to practice coordination ability, and constantly improve self-coordination ability, so as to deal with various complex situations as one wishes and do well the major work tasks assigned by leaders.Three, learn deep to do fine business work.When in the business office, be leaned forward and settled down to dig into fine chewing business knowledge, especially some according to laws and regulations, file must be read, be sure to learn deep enlightenment through business knowledge, familiar with the business office of the core business, so, even without “read pen”, will be forced to rely on the leadership of the “people”, even if the leadership is not willing to let you “progress”,I have to let you “progress.”Four, “heart like calm water” to sharpen their own.”It takes ten years to sharpen a sword”, working in the provincial organ, when you don’t have enough talent to realize your dream, you have to “lower your head, calm down, bear loneliness, heart as calm as water” to sharpen yourself.Frankly accept their mediocrity, “quietly” charging, “unknown” improvement;Don’t be frivolous and fidgety, and waste precious time in “envy of the river,” useless envy and lamentation.The comprehensive quality we often say is decomposed into the above aspects. When we have profound writing skills, overall communication and coordination ability, and skilled business knowledge, then we have a strong comprehensive quality and become the backbone force of the unit and the outstanding one.Every man has a Harley Potter in his heart. The above is only my personal opinion and only for readers’ reference.

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