Yongzhou City market supervision bureau held an organ New Year’s meeting

Rednet moment February 8 news (correspondent Jiang Zhenfei) Taurus to resign the old year, tiger roar to welcome the New Year.Liu Junjun, party secretary of yongzhou City Market Supervision Administration, presided over a New Year meeting on February 7, the first day of work.Liu Junjun, on behalf of the leading party members of the bureau, extended his New Year’s greetings to the staff and staff of the bureau and encouraged them to work in 2022, reminding them to shift their attention and energy to work as soon as possible. He committed himself to the work and welcomed the 20th national Congress of the CPC with outstanding achievements.Liu Junjun asked, to return to the throne to raise the spirit.We will quickly enter the working state, with the attitude of “accelerating at the beginning and sprinting at the beginning”, unify our thoughts, muster all our energy, and return to our place. We will live up to spring, youth and mission, and do a good job in all aspects of market supervision.Plan carefully to open a new bureau.On February 8, will organize the global cadres and workers points, lines, and global department, series of important studying xi jinping, general secretary of market regulation and national, the province market supervision work conference spirit, surrounding the “what do you think, how to do this year last year” of concentrated study discussion, short board, Yang advantage and scientific plan priority in 2022.Hold the line for safety.We have always given top priority to safety, ensuring that we do not slacken epidemic prevention and control, food safety, drug supervision, special equipment supervision, and key industrial products supervision.To be serious discipline tree image.Work attendance will be strictly checked, work safety, epidemic prevention and control, and 12315 will be on duty. Work style will continue to be improved, the CPC Central Committee will strictly abide by the eight-point regulations, and drinking on weekdays will be strictly prohibited.After the meeting, Liu Junjun to metro authority department, city, city bureau ZhuShi government affairs service center window YaoJianSuo departments such as visiting survey and visit sympathy cadres and workers, to send cordial sympathy and good wishes for the Chinese New Year and inspiring us accepting heart place, Benedict is not idle, contributing to the comprehensive construction socialism modernization new yongzhou market regulatory power.

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