Can bank card not find can fill do

You can.1. It usually takes 7 days to make up the bank card.The card holder may report the loss in writing at any branch in the city where the original card issuing bank is located by presenting his/her valid id card and payment password. After reporting the loss of the debit card, the card holder shall renew the card or cancel his/her account at the original branch by presenting the return receipt of the application for reporting the loss and the valid certificate.2. After the replacement of the new bank card, the data information of the old card has been transferred to the new bank card, and the normal business will take effect immediately.Under normal circumstances, the lost bank card is the cash in the card that can be reapplied or the information will not change.3, bank cards and mobile phones, TV, audio, microwave and other magnetic field strong electrical appliances together, it is best to put away some, many bank cards, bankbook do not put together.Place one of these cards on the side of the magnetic strip as a spacer.Use id card spacing is also good.2 generation id card is radio frequency card, not magnetic card, so ID card and bank card will not happen “demagnetization” phenomenon.

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