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Portraying incivility, such as graffiti, varies in severity but is of the same nature.Photo taken on September 27, 2021 shows the scenery of Fanjing Mountain, Guizhou Province.Figure/xinhua article | Hu Xinhong, kwangmyong reported recently, jiangkou county in guizhou province people’s court in accordance with the public hearing the world natural heritage sites in guizhou fanjing mountains “jinding lettering case”, sentence the defendant Chen to pay for the repair and compensation for a total of 123952.08 yuan, sparked heated public opinion.The court found that on July 11, 2021, the defendant, surnamed Chen, was visiting Fanjing Mountain in Guizhou province, a world natural Heritage site, when he used a hiking stick to paint four Chinese characters “Chen Guo in Lishui” on the stone wall of the Jinding cliff of The mountain.The uncivilized behavior has drawn criticism from other tourists and even more attention after a video of the incident spread online.Although the uncivilized tourist behavior of graffiti has been criticized for a long time, it is still impossible to prevent due to various factors.Such behavior not only adds to the burden of cleaning work, but also may lead to cultural relics being damaged or even difficult to repair, causing a headache for scenic spots.Embarrassingly, although uncivilized travel behavior is often strongly criticized, as long as it is not too out of line, even if caught “current”, most of it is just “education”.But this time, Chen undoubtedly kicked the iron plate.Jinding Cliff cliff not only belongs to the cultural landscape of Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve, but also the second batch of provincial cultural relics protection units announced by the People’s Government of Guizhou Province.Through professional organization appraisal, the defendant Chen mou this action caused cultural relics “partial damage”, to the landscape aesthetic function of Fanjing Mountain and cultural relics caused “irreversible damage”.Its behavior not only endangers the safety of fanjing Mountain natural heritage, but also brings bad social influence.The court in line with the damage to bear responsibility, the principle of comprehensive compensation, according to the law to Chen mou judgment.At the court hearing, the defendant also repeatedly expressed apology and remorse.Depict 4 words compensation 120,000 yuan, the lesson is not not profound.Some people write down “I was here” every time they arrive at a place, or they have a chance, or they think it’s ok to just hold the “limit” and not to do anything on “important cultural relics”.Little do they know, depicting graffiti and the like of uncivilized behavior, the plot is different, but the nature is the same.In response, many places have set up a blacklist system for tourism, and those suspected of damaging or destroying cultural relics can be punished in accordance with the Cultural Relics Protection Law and Criminal Law.The Law on Punishments for Public Security Administration also clearly stipulates that those who paint, deface or otherwise intentionally damage cultural relics and places of interest under state protection shall be given warnings, fines or detention.Depict 4 words compensation 120,000 yuan, the court’s judgment, enough to let the parties pay for their uncivilized behavior “pain to the flesh” price.This not only shows the strength and determination of the law to protect ecological civilization, but also reaffirms the common sense and bottom line of civilized tourism.Civilized travel, do not always “here” again!The author | Hu Xinhong (teachers) to edit | ChiDaoHua proofreading | Wu Xingfa

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