Let’s take a look at the story of the “migratory bird” ski instructor in Qingdao

Qingdao news on February 11 (reporter Chen Zhiwei correspondent Yu Siwei) every December, Jiao Pingsheng will set out from The City of Harbin Shangzhi Yabili town, south “flight” more than 1400 kilometers, came to Qingdao Jimo district Jinkou town, this year is the 10th year he went south, here, he is a ski coach.Jiao pingsheng is accompanied by more than 20 fellow villagers. Every winter and snow season, they set out south like migratory birds to “fly” to ski resorts across China.Thanks to the unique natural conditions in Heilongjiang Province, Jiao pingsheng has been climbing and skiing on the mountains near his home since childhood. “I love the feeling of galloping on the snow, so it can be said that one day without skiing, I feel uncomfortable.”At 13, Jiao picked up a skateboard for the first time in his life and began to learn how to ski properly.The joy of playing snow in his childhood sowed a young ice dream in his heart.Years later, Jiao became a ski instructor and planted the seed in the hearts of many more people.With the state General Administration of Sport of China putting forward the development goal of winter sports of “North ice and South Exhibition”, ice and snow sports have been gradually popularized throughout the country, and many cities have set up ski resorts and ice skating rinks.In the face of the rising public snow and ice heat across the country, ski resort’s demand for coaches is also increasing, many northeast skiing coaches have to teach south.”In my hometown, I am engaged in the door and window installation industry, the northeast winter temperature is too low, is the off-season, not much work.”With the intention of finding another job, jiao pingsheng, 26, went south with his ski instructor in 2011 and began his “migratory bird” journey of teaching skiing.In the past 10 years as a ski coach, Jiao pingsheng has taught nearly 10,000 students, the youngest of whom is only 3 years old. His biggest impression is that skiing is becoming more and more popular, “from the young people in their 20s to the children in kindergarten, from the simple introduction of double board to the difficult control of the snowboard.More and more people are moving from the hippie area to the junior track and then to the intermediate track. Skiing has gone from being a ‘cold sport’ to a ‘hot sport’.”Jiao pingsheng has more than 500 friends on his wechat account because of skiing. Every year, when skiing season comes, many people contact him to make an appointment to learn skiing.”Now there are more and more people who love skiing, and the instructors are in short supply. We always contact the instructors in advance to set a time, otherwise it is really difficult to make an appointment on site.”On February 8, li Feng, a citizen, drove out of Qingdao early in the morning with his eight-year-old son, just to avoid the rush hour and let the child skate with the coach more times.”With the opening of the Winter Olympics, going to ski resorts to challenge themselves has become a new choice for many citizens to spend the Spring Festival holiday in the Year of the Tiger.”Jiao Pingsheng introduced that during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday, Jinshan Ski Resort received more than 10,000 skiers, with an average daily flow of nearly 1,500. The huge consumer groups make the shortage of coaches short.Although the Spring Festival holiday has passed, but the jinshan ski resort is still hot, tourists are still coming and going, the white snow, looked up, people mountain sea.In January this year, the “China Snow and ice Tourism Consumption Big Data Report (2022)” released by the China Tourism Academy shows that the number of leisure snow and ice tourism in China has increased from 170 million in the 2016-2017 snow and ice season to 254 million in the 2020-2021 snow and ice season, and the figure is expected to reach 305 million in the 2021-2022 season.It is worth noting that the proportion of young people participating in ice and snow tourism is gradually increasing, and ice and snow tourism is becoming “younger”. The total number of “generation Z” people born in the 2000s and 1990s who participate in ice and snow tourism in 2020-2021 season accounts for 60%, an increase of 2 percentage points compared with 2020-2021 season.”With the development of ‘ice in the north, ice in the south, ice in the west and ice in the East’, China’s mass ice and snow sports are breaking space and time constraints, forming a new pattern of southeast, northwest and southeast, winter and summer with their own characteristics, and full bloom on ice and snow, bringing health and joy to more people.”Jiao pingsheng said.The “migratory birds” coaches like Jiao Pingsheng are a vivid illustration of the booming development of ice and snow sports in China.From the former “newcomer” coach to the current “senior”, jiao Pingsheng has led more students from the hometown and sports school from northeast to south, leaving footprints in Shandong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hunan, Xinjiang and other places, continuing the story of “mentoring” ski coaches.With ice and snow as the medium, “migratory bird” coaches scattered in different cities are promoting the ice and snow dream to take root and spread leaves.

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