“Yanxi Palace strategy” after sending dry flowers to Gem, has this implication, she Sheman psychological hint is too strong

In the scene where Shunpin designs Gem, the queen doesn’t do much on the surface.However, we can also see the incident of the queen’s removal of the handwreaths.The empress said that Yuan Chunwang killed Wei Yingluo on purpose under the guise of the doctor.Then yuan Chunwang went to the Palace of Mental Cultivation to send the emperor dried gardenia.Shunpin told Gem after the interception, and Gem instantly guessed that it was the queen’s handwriting.All this seems so confusing, so what does the queen send the dried gardenia mean?We all know that on the first day of her bed, Gem ordered gardenias to be planted all over the Yanxi Strategy.This gardenia flower has large petals and fresh fragrance, which gives people a strong enjoyment and symbolizes the character of Gem.In addition, the flower in Gem meant to remember the queen and imitate her.Mention gardenia in the palace should be able to think of your concubine Wei Yingluo.So the queen sent people to send dried gardenia, in fact, is a hint that Gem is about to die, we have to say that she sheman as the following psychological hint is too strong.Yuan Chunwang, one of the queen’s men, bullied Wei yingluo during her imprisonment, but was not careful enough in dealing with her death.The dried gardenia indicates that the queen will end yuan Chunwang and kill Wei Yingluo. Second guess: Murder the queen does not know what shunpin is up to, but Shunpin has been jumping up and down in the palace between Yingluo and Fu Heng, which the queen can see clearly.The empress ventured to guess that Shun Pin would be playing a game between Yingluo and Fu Heng.However, the queen was not satisfied that Shunpin imprisoned Gem without killing her.The queen then sent dried gardenia to the palace of Mind cultivation.The queen knew that Shun Pin had been driving with her in the Hall of Yangxin. If wei Yingluo’s things were handed in, the first obstacle should be passed shun Pin.The queen was sure that Shun Bin would cut off the purse, and this sentimental token would have infuriated Her, making her unable to resist taking action against Gem.So the queen could kill with a purse.At worst, it speeds up the pace of design, allowing all the conspiracies to be carried out sooner.Queen Nala was the queen of the sword, and was careful not to get her hands dirty from the start.In the processing of Jiapin processing, processing gao Guifei, pure concubine is the use of means to kill.Shunpin was also one of her enemies, but Yingluo, the woman who touched the emperor’s heart, was even more important.It doesn’t matter to the queen who gets to be her next favorite concubine if she can get rid of one of her henchmen.

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