A year after his death, wu Mengda’s last posthumous work has been revealed, leaving fans in tears

On Feb 11, Wu mengda’s last film, The Origin of a Chinese Odyssey, was released online. The film mainly tells the love story between Zhi Zunbao and Zixia fairy, and is also a prequel to Zhou’s A Chinese Odyssey.When wu mengda’s picture emerged, it aroused the memory of many netizens.The Origin of a Chinese Odyssey has become Wu mengda’s last work, both in terms of its shooting and broadcast time.Some netizens sighed: after watching this movie, I really want to say goodbye to Darius.On February 27 last year, wu meng Da died of illness.It turned out that Wu Mengda was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer, and only 45 days passed from the disease to death.The actor, who was dubbed the “golden Supporting actor” and became the hilarious co-star of Stephen Chow in the Hong Kong film, was 69 years old.When Wu Mengda was interviewed, he also mentioned that he wanted to cooperate with Stephen Chow again.”As long as I’m alive and still able to do it, I hope I can still work with Stephen Chow,” he said.However, wu did not wait to cooperate with Chow until the end of his life.This on-line “a Chinese Odyssey” new film “the origin of a Chinese Odyssey” is also wu Mengda and Stephen Chow another kind of cooperation.In 1994, Stephen Chow starred in a nondescribable film, “A Chinese Odyssey”, in which Wu mengda had a supporting role.The success of the film has boosted the fame of its stars Stephen Chow, Michael Lam, Karen Mok and Ng Meng Tat.After a lapse of more than 20 years, the new film will be released, in addition to Wu Mengda, the film also features a number of Chow’s regular cast members.After the film was released yesterday, it had a very high broadcast volume. One day on the line, the broadcast volume was close to 20 million, and the netizen left nearly 3000 messages.Many people still come to see this IP and wu Mengda’s name.Although Darius is only a guest star in the film, he plays the father of Supreme Treasure, but he still plays his role very well.Although he doesn’t have a lot of footage, only 21 minutes of footage.But the appearance of Wu Mengda gave the audience a familiar feeling, still familiar smile, familiar humor, but such a smile will not be seen again.The film was shot in late 2020, shortly before Wu was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer.At that time, Wu Mengda also revealed when communicating with his friends that he felt his health was getting worse and worse due to the recent high intensity of work.Although physically unwell, Wu mengda is particularly caring for his younger actors on set.After shooting scenes with young actors, Wu mengda asked them questions before the meeting.The actor said of Wu: I didn’t expect Darius to be such a warm old man.At the end of the film, a box was added to Mr. Wu’s name when a list of actors appeared on the screen.See this scene, a lot of people are very moved, until this moment, we seem to realize that the audience has brought countless joy duncle really gone.Many netizens posted bullets to pay tribute to Wu mengda, “I couldn’t help crying when I saw Dashu.””For Darius.””Uncle Darius is gone, Zixia is married, and Zhizunbao is old.”At the beginning of the “A Big Chinese Odyssey” let many netizens have feelings, perhaps for Uncle, in heaven he saw there are still so many people miss themselves, will also feel gratified.

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