“Baoshan production” Shanghai version of the drama “Thunderstorm” premiere!Ignites a new upsurge in dialect art works

The much-anticipated Shanghai language drama Thunderstorm premiered on Feb 9.Following the popular Shanghai dialect film “Love Myth” and the hard-to-get Shanghai dialect drama “Flowers”, this classic work performed by Baoshan Shanghai Opera Troupe in Shanghai dialect adds a new fire to the “Shanghai dialect fever” this Spring, and also makes more audiences feel the charm of Shanghai dialect culture.The lobby on the first floor of the China Grand Theater was crowded last night.The formal performance began at seven o ‘clock, and just after six o ‘clock, many enthusiastic audiences came in the rain. Many audiences took photos with the posters of the leading actors in the hall, and old fans gathered to discuss and communicate. There were also many young faces and elders who came to watch the play together.”Many people have seen the Putonghua version of ‘Thunderstorm’ before, and the Shanghai version of ‘Thunderstorm’ this time is very novel to them, and the expression and application of Shanghai dialect in the play are also very dear to Shanghai people,” said an audience member.The Shanghai version of the drama “Thunderstorm” cast from Baoshan Hu Troupe.During the writing period, director Wu Wen Cong led the people to read the original “Thunderstorm” over and over again seven or eight times.Dialect version of the drama completely in accordance with Cao Yu’s “thunderstorm” script to build, try not to do adaptation, deletion.According to the introduction, the play focuses on the use of language to give the work charm.For the performance of the Shanghai version of the drama “Thunderstorm”, Baoshan Shanghai Troupe head Hua Wen has been brewing for a long time.Not long ago, she saw the popularity of the Shanghai language film Love Myth and the difficulty of getting a ticket for the Shanghai language drama Flowers. She felt that the audience’s enthusiasm for the Shanghai language culture was heating up again, which strengthened her determination and confidence to rehearse the Shanghai language drama.Therefore, on the basis of the classic Shanghai opera Thunderstorm, she decided to rehearse a drama in Shanghai language called Thunderstorm, which broke away from the shadow of Shanghai opera.”Our main goal is to see how the market responds.In recent years, the market of Shanghai opera has been shrinking. What’s the future direction of local opera?”With such problems in mind, Hua Wen led Baoshan Shanghai Opera Troupe to produce a Shanghai version of the drama “Thunderstorm”, to promote it to the audience and the market, hoping that through this Drama “Thunderstorm” in Shanghai opera “drainage”.In the play, Hua Wen, head of baoshan Hu Opera Troupe, plays Fan Yi, one of the main characters.As a Shanghai opera actress, Hua Wen has won almost all the performing arts awards, including plum Blossom Award and Mandarin Performance Award. Her masterpiece Picking a Mountain Woman has won many awards, such as golden Rooster Award for Best Drama Film and “Five One” Project Award. However, it is the first time for her to lead a drama.For the whole Baoshan Hu Troupe, the rehearsal of this drama is also a challenge and breakthrough.Speaking of the rehearsal process, Hua Wen once felt that as a performer in Shanghai Opera, she was free from the fetters of “singing” in Shanghai opera, and it would be much easier to perform in Shanghai dialect.But in the rehearsal, she found: actually, “speaking” is more difficult than “singing”.”Without singing, actors have to use Shanghai dialect to perform dramas, but the way of expression in dramas is very different from the way of expression in Singing Shanghai opera. We repeatedly practice the words and overcome many difficulties.”In addition, Thunderstorm, written by Mr. Cao Yu, is set in Tianjin, so all the lines in the play are typical Northern Mandarin.In order to make the Audience in Shanghai comfortable and accustomed to the translation of the lines, the team should also focus on the translation of the lines into the language of Shanghainese, which is not a small difficulty.In order to make the actors’ lines fit the context of the 1930s, Hua Wen specially invited Zhu Xinling and Wang Yan, two senior Shanghai language announcers, to “translate” the script, picking out the lines word by word, in order to find the most suitable expression in Shanghai language.The Shanghai version of the drama “Thunderstorm” there are many bright spots.It is reported that 90% of the creative team are young people, most of whom are graduate students majoring in drama studying abroad. The company hopes to inject more vitality and vitality into the performance through a younger team.At the same time, there are also changes and innovations in stage design, music and costume.This performance adopts the method of one costume for one character, and each costume is made very delicately, which not only conforms to the logic of the story, but also strengthens the symbolic memory of the characters.The stage design of the drama also overturns the style of mansion in the audience’s traditional imagination.In terms of music, the drama uses MIDI synthesized electric vocal music as the soundtrack, and strives to bring refreshing experience to the audience.As the first performance of the Chinese New Year in the performing arts world, the Shanghai version of the drama “Thunderstorm” will be performed at the China Grand Theater from February 9 to 14, bringing audiences a rich and happy New Year in the authentic Shanghai dialect culture.Source: Baoshan, Shanghai

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