Lanxi Yanggang Village was selected as one of the first future rural construction pilots in Zhejiang province

Zhejiang Online news (Yang Yizhi) recently, Zhejiang province announced the first batch of 100 future rural construction pilot village list, Lanxi City Youbu Town Yanggang village among them.Since last year, for the further practice of rural revitalization strategy, lanxi with happiness, “eight room four scene two center hall” for the construction of the carrier, to explore to create the future rural application scenario lanxi demonstration example, the rural ecological space, industrial development, living environment, infrastructure, and rural governance systematic reshaping, constructing ecology, production and living community of “junior”,Strive to build lanxi rural revitalization benchmark brand.As first, future rural construction pilot lanxi port town around the port village “and colorful in the port of destination See life “theme positioning, positive construction” eight room four scene two center auditorium “scenarios such as rural revitalization project, through the Numbers assigned to rural construction, implement iterative upgrade production lifestyle, tries to build up a good governance intelligence for us to treat the future of the country,We will further enhance the people’s sense of gain and happiness.It is understood that according to the “Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government General Office on the development of future rural construction guidance”, the 100 construction pilot villages will be in line with the principle of what is missing, what needs to build what, to create the future industry, style, culture, neighborhood, health, low carbon and other scenes,Integrating the construction of “beautiful village + digital village + common prosperity village + cultural village + good governance village”, we strive to build a new village community that leads digital life experience, presents future elements and highlights the charm of Jiangnan.The overall goal of rural construction in the future is to realize the prosperity of leading industries, the beauty and livable features of the main body, and the prosperity of the theme culture.Starting from 2022, Zhejiang province will build more than 200 future villages every year.By 2025, the province will build more than 1,000 future villages.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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