Luo Fuyuan, a sanitation worker of Tianjiao Sanitation Company, hides dragons and crouches tigers

During the Spring Festival, while most people are enjoying family and friends reunion, one group of people are still working silently to keep the city clean and tidy. They are urban “beauticians” — sanitation workers.On February 3, the third day of the Chinese New Year, the streets of Wansheng city were full of busy sanitation workers, including Luo Fuyuan.Luo Fuyuan, a sanitation worker at Tianjiao Sanitation Company, is mainly responsible for cleaning roads along Jianxin Road and Cuiping Road in Tashan district of Wansheng City.Luo fuyuan felt that his work during the Spring Festival was not very different from his usual work. He went out at 4 am every day, started cleaning at 4:30 am and stayed busy until 10 PM.However, during the Spring Festival, the flow of people, the amount of garbage is relatively two to three times the usual, but more than two cleaning on the line.”Fireworks have been banned in Wansheng district in recent years, and citizens are very conscious that the city is not particularly dirty even during the Spring Festival.”Luo fuyuan told reporters that he and his colleagues did not take a day off during the Spring Festival holiday to ensure the cleanliness of their respective areas.”After the Spring Festival, the city roads must be clean. Besides, Wansheng is a national health city, so we can’t let the returnees and foreign tourists see ‘jokes’.”Mr. Lo said with a smile.Give up small home, for everyone.During the Spring Festival, it is with luo Fuyuan these “urban beauticians” stick to their posts, just have citizens clean, comfortable holiday environment.They stick to, painted a beautiful scenery in the festival.Reporter Xiao Guiping wansheng daily

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