Rural areas and a new standard for choosing a spouse: women “three do not marry”?What exactly does it mean?

Now both urban and rural areas have emerged a lot of new standards of mate selection, perhaps this is the inevitable result of social development.Living in each different age of young people, whether from the cognition or the attitude to life, have decided their different standards of mate selection, which also reflects the nature of marriage from a side.Life used to be slow, just slow enough.Now the fast food lifestyle is everywhere.Fast pace of work, how to earn money quickly, how to make a fortune, are the real problems at present?Also makes people now whether from work, life or mate have some eager for quick success and instant benefit.Of course, but the criteria for choosing a mate are very different from what they used to be.However, people can not be divorced from the reality of the society to lead the life of the high and white snow, only realistic and clear purpose, can lead the life of the lower liba.There is nothing bad about the lower liba, at least the real.But this can not say that today’s mate selection standard is not human, now have what mate selection standard – women “three do not marry”.Single-parent family Yes, you heard right, single-parent families do not marry, especially the family only mother resolutely do not marry.Why is that?Think before because of the backward living conditions, there are many such single parent families, but also did not hear of such a standard of choice, but why now there will be such a standard of choice?There must be a reason for this.In the past, there were many children in the family, and parents were busy working to support the family, so the children could not take care of them, so the children at that time were particularly independent and sensible early.But now living conditions are better, some children may be taken care of by more than one parent.This increases the child’s coddling and lack of independence.This is especially true in single-parent families, because everything in the family falls on the shoulders of the mother. On one hand, the mother will become very independent, strong and well-planned for life, but on the other hand, there are many disadvantages.The first is the comparison of doting, do not let the child do something, for fear of an accident?In addition, because this kind of life has become a habit, the child’s life and daily life are made by the mother to help make decisions, as time passes, the child will become particularly dependent on the mother, without the ability to make self-judgment, which is now commonly known as the mother’s baby.If you marry such a man in the future, who can protect themselves?If the future mother-in-law know love daughter-in-law is good, if the future mother-in-law deliberately trouble, coupled with their husband is a mother treasure male, so this life will be very difficult.You may say that there are no families with many children nowadays.In fact, this thing is not absolute, after all, there will be a lot of children in remote areas.We Chinese still believe that having more children is a good thing, but there are many people who have this idea in remote areas because of economic backwardness and cultural isolation.So why would there be many brothers and sisters do not marry the standard of choice?The reason is simple, the living conditions at home are very bad.Marriage is not a matter of two people, marriage is a marriage of the family, there are countless connections, family brothers and sisters, if the economic conditions are ok, otherwise, it will affect their family life, which is directly related to the economy, so this is also considered scope.Three, no car no room not married when it comes to this problem is not now, in fact, think about it is also right.Now the economy has improved a lot, but prices are also rising, the pressure of life is also increasing.The house problem alone is the most realistic problem.It can be said that owning a house will save more than a decade of struggle.There is no such thing as a decade of direct economic divergence between people.At the same time, it’s an objective economic consideration to be able to buy a house in the downtown area or in the school district.And it has a direct impact on children’s education.You can see how many parents struggle with where their children go to school.After all, teaching resources and career opportunities are different.Owning a car is also a real problem.After all, now the car is already a standard part of a family. Although the car is divided into different brands, there is a big difference between having a car and not having a car.At least when they go to work, they don’t even have a means of transportation.So that became the criteria for choosing a mate.Conclusion: Nowadays everyone’s life needs are different from before, it is normal to think about it, after all, everyone wants to live their life with flavor, high spring and snow is beautiful, but it is the height that they want to get in spirit, if compared with the real life, it is better to be real.Life is not only poetry and distance, but also bread and milk.

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