Shandong will carry out quality and safety investigation and management of key industrial products

Shandong will carry out the investigation and treatment of the quality and safety of key industrial products to establish a long-term mechanism and implement differentiated classification supervision, according to the provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Shandong will carry out the special operation of the investigation and treatment of the quality and safety of key industrial products in 2022 across the province, and effectively guard the bottom line of the quality and safety of industrial products.We focused on investigating and punishing a number of substandard products, talked with a number of enterprises with prominent problems, transferred a number of illegal production and sales enterprises, and helped a number of enterprises with weak quality management. We vigorously and effectively eradicated risks and hidden dangers in key areas of product quality and safety, and strictly prevented quality and safety accidents.This special action will focus on hazardous chemicals, hazardous chemicals packaging, vehicle-mounted atmospheric tank, steel bar, cement, wires and cables, gas, fireworks, electric bicycles, electric bicycle chargers and batteries and other key products;Focus on industrial clusters, areas with frequent quality problems, weak links such as urban and rural connection departments, rural markets and sales stores, as well as enterprises with quality and safety accidents.Production areas to production without a license, beyond the scope of production, factory inspection or factory inspection records are not complete, and jerry-cutting, adulteration and adulteration, shoddy, substandard products posing as qualified products and other issues as the focus;Circulation field to not strictly implement the purchase acceptance system, sales of unlicensed products, “three no” products, product consistency, product quality does not meet the relevant standards and certification requirements and other issues as the focus.In the specific work, production enterprises will be organized to self-check, pressing the main responsibility of quality safety of production enterprises, at the same time, to carry out the investigation of risks and hidden dangers.In the production process, supervision and inspection shall be organized focusing on the implementation of enterprise quality management responsibilities, maintaining the ability to produce qualified products, product consistency and standard compliance as well as enterprise standard compliance.Circulation links, focus on the inspection of sellers to implement the purchase inspection and acceptance system, sales without factory name factory address, without production license, without mandatory certification and the state has been explicitly eliminated and stopped selling goods, as well as product marking non-standard, counterfeit quality marking and other problems.Check out the hidden dangers will be established ledger, to ensure that each piece has been implemented, everything has results.We will strengthen quality supervision and random inspections. For key products that are included in the scope of screening and rectification, we will carry out coordinated random inspections at the provincial, municipal and county levels, focusing on mandatory national standards and relevant safety indicators, increase the intensity and frequency of random inspections, and the proportion of random inspections in batches shall not be less than 30% of the total annual random inspections.We will pay attention to spot checks on production and distribution as well as online and offline inspections, and continue to step up spot checks on distribution, online sales, and rural markets.A quick response mechanism has been established for handling the results of spot checks, and the local market regulatory authorities will simultaneously conduct on-site investigation, evidence collection and tracing of business operators after receiving unqualified reports.Strengthen post-processing of unqualified products, strengthen regional coordination and implement bi-directional tracking of production and circulation of quality responsibility for unqualified products found in spot check;We will strengthen quality risk monitoring, risk assessment and risk management, so as to realize early detection, research and judgment, early warning and early disposal of product quality and safety risks.We will crack down on violations of laws and regulations, dig and thoroughly investigate quality violations such as counterfeiting and shoddy products, falsely using quality marks, jerry-building, shoddy products as good ones, and substandard products as qualified ones, and release a number of key typical cases.The province will establish a long-term supervision mechanism, further explore the classification and classification supervision of key products, combine the product quality and safety risk attributes, industry development status, enterprise responsibility, enterprise credit risk classification, etc., classify the risk levels of production enterprises, and promote the implementation of differentiated classification supervision measures.According to the schedule, the risk investigation will be completed by the end of July this year, and the investigation and treatment will be fully completed by the end of October.With regard to key industries, regions, and problems, we will carry out timely “backward review” and “repeated inspection”, and carry out “dynamic clearance” of risks and hidden dangers, so as to effectively prevent “resurgence”.(reporter Zhao Xiaoju) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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