Siris dual motor intelligent four-wheel drive power combination won the “Longpan Cup” 5th World top ten transmission and electric drive

Automobile Evaluation: On January 9, 2022, the 5th “Longpan Cup” world Top ten Transmission and Electric Drive evaluation results release and technology Forum sponsored by Automotive Evaluation Institute was officially held in Beijing.After five years of persistence and efforts, the world’s Top ten Transmission evaluation has become a famous professional evaluation brand with great influence and appeal, truly realizing the first in China and the only one in the world.The Korea Automotive Evaluation Institute (KRI) has officially announced the results of the fifth Edition of the World’s top 10 gearboxes, and Cyris has been named one of them.The dual motor intelligent four-wheel drive combination won the title of “The 5th World Top ten Transmission and Electric Drive”, while siris Huawei Smart SELECTION SF5 won the title of “the 5th World Top Ten Transmission and Electric Drive Model”.The reasons given by the jury are as follows:Double motor intelligent four-wheel drive power combination, before the motor for The independent research and development of The Si SEP200, after the motor is Huawei DriveONE three-in-one electric drive system, to achieve a good combination of high density and high efficiency, according to different driving conditions of vehicles, planning the best energy transfer path, so that the engine is always in a reasonable speed range,Considering energy consumption, power, NVH and other performance.Among them, the range extender is composed of 1.5T gasoline engine and permanent magnet synchronous generator. The generator is driven by the engine to generate electricity. The electricity generated can directly drive the motor, and the remaining power can charge the battery pack.

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