China’s space program, which has been working on for more than a decade, is a legitimate concern for America

When it comes to satellites, most Chinese people can think of Beidou satellite. After all, it is a global navigation satellite system independently developed by China, which can be compared with GPS and even expects to replace GPS in China one day. At present, it has been networked globally and has great influence in the world.But you know what?Our country is not only beidou a group of satellites, there are other uses of satellites, this is not today’s hero, is China’s another super project, has a strategic position, compared with the Beidou satellite, each has its own advantages, status is not lower than beidou, in some extent, can even do more than beidou.This is the swan goose constellation.Beidou satellite is often heard, but we are not very familiar with the Hongyan constellation, so what is the use of this super engineering Hongyan constellation, and what are the advantages?The Hongyan Global Satellite Constellation communication system is composed of 300 low-orbit satellites and a global data processing center. It has the ability to realize two-way communication in all weather, all time and even complex terrain conditions.With such features, we can see that if put into use, it can bring users a good experience, but also to meet the needs of users, not only to provide real-time global data communication, but also to carry out comprehensive information services.Hong yan’s first satellite constellation, was launched in 2018, the launch is successful, marks the country’s construction of a swan goose constellation, the plan was in 2020, the project can be built, but due to the affected by the epidemic, obviously also has a slow progress, now, is expected in 2023,Build to backbone constellation system.So what is the use of the swan goose constellation?Hongyan Constellation can integrate multiple satellite application functions. For example, Hongyan Constellation has the function of satellite data collection, so that it can realize the problem of large regional information collection and meet the data monitoring, collection and transmission of information in Marine, transportation, environmental protection, geology, disaster prevention and other fields.With the swan goose constellation, the big energy companies, factories, can with the help of the swan goose can sign, for global positioning state assets supervision, personnel, emergency rescue and telecommunications services, and global two-way, real-time data transmission, not limited to short message, audio video and other multimedia data can do services.So, for example, if a certain place in the accident, the swan goose can sign can get, monitoring and location tracking, can this has great help for rescue operations, enhance the capacity of the accident rescue, and realize the father-in-law point to multipoint means of sending, if any information need to notice to coverage area, will be able to send information,Can also selectively send, visible if the need for mobile broadcast, Hongyan constellation is also able to do.In addition, the hongyan system can also carry the automatic identification system of ships, which can accept the messages sent by ships and master the navigation status, position and heading of ships, which is of great help to fishery management and far-sea navigation.Interestingly, the swan goose can complement each other and beidou satellite constellation, swan goose navigation constellation enhancements, may be increased for the beidou navigation satellite system to provide the information broadcast channel, so that can improve the precision of beidou satellite positioning, the result will definitely be exciting, after all, precision for navigation satellite, it is very important.It seems that it has only been 4 years since the first launch of the Hongyan Satellite Constellation, but the development process is not simple. After more than 10 years of painstaking research, the present achievement has been achieved. In the future, we still need to devote ourselves to the operation and make further improvements to form a truly complete “Hongyan satellite constellation communication system”.Originally a beidou satellite let us feel the sense of crisis, now plus a swan goose constellation, combining the two, the folding the yong, let us also worry, although the swan goose can sign at the end of the network time change, but don’t let us wait too long, so worry, such as the U.S. is not unreasonable, if the GPS can replace part of the market,In the future, our satellite constellation will also bring more market.Can say in these years, China from communication backward, to catch up with all the way, now in the field of communication has in the international discourse power, I believe that soon in the field of communication, China will be able to go to the world’s leading level, when the Chinese standard is the world standard, but beautiful wonderful zai.

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