His public net worth is only more than 200 billion yuan, but professional analysis: its actual wealth is nearly one trillion yuan

No matter whether they are rich or not, people like to talk about some of China’s rich. After all, China’s development cannot be separated from these enterprises and entrepreneurs.China’s economic development speed in recent years is obvious to all, so some institutions are also investigating the wealth of these rich people. As the Authoritative and influential Hurun Rich List, many people will refer to the ranking of this list when talking about some rich people.More than 20 years ago, if you were worth 15.5 billion yuan, you would have become the richest person in the world. After more than 20 years, if you want to be at the top of the Hurun list, you would have to be worth dozens of times more.It is understood that in 2021, the hurun rich list of the top billionaires, wealth reached 550 billion, very exaggerated.If the world’s richest man is worth so much, how much is China’s richest man worth?When it comes to China’s richest man, many people will think of Jack Ma, Ma Huateng and others.As the richest man in China, Li Ka-shing has occupied this position for many years, it is understood that his net worth is more than 200 billion, so is this data accurate?Professional analysis: its actual wealth nearly one trillion.There are tens of thousands of rich people in Our country, as the most famous Ma Yun, Ma Huateng these figures, is also the representative of China’s resounding rich.Li Ka-shing was the richest man in Asia for 15 years before he changed his position in 2015.With the continuous development of society, everyone has the opportunity to rise, in recent years, many entrepreneurs with Internet industry and real estate industry developed very well, especially on the real estate industry development of a batch of people, basically realized the across of class, such as wanda group wang jianlin, once after retiring from Asia’s richest man li ka-shing’s throne,Took the seat.In the new Hurun list in 2021, Li Ka-shing’s wealth is only more than 200 billion yuan, however, he did not enter the global rich list of the top ten, but there are many people are speculating that Li Ka-shing’s strength is far more than people see, perhaps higher, some professional analysis, Li Ka-shing’s wealth can actually reach trillion yuan.Hong Kong rich very much, and the value compared to the mainland’s richest Hong Kong billionaire worth more stable, higher risk and mainland members, because most of the mainland’s richest value there is false, behind a lot of rich are saddled with heavy debts, especially in the real estate industry, such as Mr Xu Evergrande group,The former richest man became “penniless” after Evergrande encountered a shortage of capital chain.In recent years, the Internet economy has developed very rapidly. Although many Internet enterprises seem to be very bright, in fact, many of them have more or less problems in their operation. Once the capital chain is short, they may collapse at any time.Compared with some of the rich in the mainland, many of the rich in Hong Kong are really powerful, and their wealth is very stable.Li Ka-shing, who was born during the war, is now in his 90s. He was quick to find his fortune despite the chaos.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, he focused on the real estate market. As early as the 1990s, both Hong Kong and mainland real estate had li Ka-shing’s layout, which also enabled Li Ka-shing to hold the title of Asia’s richest man for 15 years.In addition to his involvement in the real estate industry, Li has also branched out into new energy and other fields.Li was very prescient. In 2013, he began to sell a lot of his real estate assets and cashed out some of his shares.Facts prove that his choice is very correct, in the past two years, China’s real estate industry people have seen, because of the national policy regulation, the major real estate enterprises complain, so put money in hand, is the most important.Of course, Li Ka-shing did not let his money depreciate, and then he invested in the UK and other regions. It can be said that there are many industries in the UK under li Ka-shing’s control, even the British Queen has personally met li Ka-shing many times.Due to the UK to take off the all around the world, many people think that li will be affected, and, indeed, Mr Li is affected, but he is made, in the first half of 2021, li ka-shing, net income of 32.7 billion, although he is very much involved in the project, but she didn’t like many Chinese entrepreneurs lead to capital chain problems.Most related to real estate enterprises are subject to our country’s “three line”, the influence of the ratio as high as seventeen, but li ka-shing rate can be controlled within 5%, from this also how powerful enough to see the strength of li ka-shing, so the hurun rich list ranked, li ka-shing, worth far more than can be seen on the list.

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