Lanshan Street Urban management Squadron: digital “no contact” management helps epidemic prevention and control

At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation in The city is still complex and grim.Lanshan Street City management Squadron gives full play to the role of digital city management, focuses on city appearance management, strengthens the inspection and control of main and secondary roads, back streets and alleys, realizes “no-contact” city management under epidemic prevention and control by relying on the platform system, and continuously maintains a good city appearance order in the area.To meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control, Lanshan Street Urban management Squadron gave full play to the role of digital urban management, strengthened the overall scheduling of 9 daily duty detachments, 2 night duty detachments and 51 village and community urban management detachments, and intensified inspections of key areas such as the old city and logistics market.We will take thorough measures to ensure public order, cooking fumes, outdoor advertising and other potential safety hazards.We paid attention to completing rectification tasks through “online” handling of intelligence and information cases, found the crux of problems through telephone communication, clarified regional responsibilities through online coordination, and reduced the on-site docking frequency of relevant departments and departments and personnel on duty, so as to ensure a safe, stable and effective solution of problems.The “offline” case involved urban management and disposal personnel were all members of lanshan Street Urban management Squadron and the urban management assistance team of the village community.They always stick to their posts and, on the basis of completing the handling of zhixin cases, cooperate with the medical staff of nucleic acid testing sites in the localities to carry out the work of on-duty support and effectively play the role of “gatekeeper” of epidemic prevention.Provide timely services to the public, inform and guide the use of “Healthy Lanshan” wechat public account to register and form a test code in advance, and reduce the waiting time of the public.At the same time, residents were guided to “wear masks and keep a distance”.Against the backdrop of the concerted efforts of the whole city to fight against the epidemic, the Lanshan Sub-district Urban management Squadron has accelerated the progress of handling all kinds of urban management problems according to the principle of “transfer, handle and report the cases as soon as possible”.At the same time, the Implementation and promotion of the “Lanshan Street” “Intelligence and Information” case Handling Assessment Measures, through grid division, department discussion, on-site claim and other measures to solve the disputes of various departments and departments, local village (community) jurisdiction and responsibility, comprehensively improve work efficiency, continue to improve the case handling rate.In March, the Lanshan Street Chengguan Squadron dealt with 1,092 cases of “wisdom and trust”, with a disposal rate of 98.59%.Next, Lanshan Street Urban management Squadron will make full efforts in standardization, refinement, digitalization, wisdom and other aspects to explore and build a new mode of intelligent urban management. Relying on the “Zhixin” case disposal platform, data will run more and people will run less, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate inspection, standardized disposal and scientific management.Zhao Huaizhi sun Zhenzhen

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