Linwu county people’s hospital technician Hu Yanqun: fight for the vanguard of the epidemic

Massachusetts moment March 27 – (correspondent Lawrence Chen Dina liu) in the face of the epidemic is more frequent, noodles wide, the characteristics of linwu county epidemic situation immediately into the emergency state, have so a group of people, they gave up their reunion with his family, gave up their holidays to rest, hold position, fighting in epidemic prevention and control of the first line.From March 15, the laboratory of Linwu County People’s Hospital began to implement 24-hour closed-loop management of PCR laboratory.The laboratory should not only take on the daily inspection work of the hospital, but also take on the nucleic acid testing work of the county.In order to meet the goal of “complete testing should be done, complete testing will be done”, the Laboratory decided to immediately set up a PCR laboratory nucleic acid testing team from the existing laboratory staff, which will operate at full capacity with seamless docking for 7 x 24 hours.Hu Yanqun is checking nucleic acid samples carefully.Hu Yanqun’s hand sticks carefully for specimen inspection.Hu Yanqun, the technician in charge of the inspection department, learned the news without hesitation and the director of the department said, “I am a party member, let me go first.”After hearing this, the department director hesitated. She knew that Hu Yanqun was not only a Party member, but also the only graduate student in the department, so it was the most appropriate for her to go.However, Hu Yanqun’s mother died a few years ago due to ineffective medical treatment, and her father suffered from a variety of chronic diseases, which made him unable to engage in physical labor and required long-term medication treatment.We have a young son and a daughter, and her husband is still working in other places. Her father-in-law and mother-in-law are old and suffering from various chronic diseases to take care of.If she were to enter now, what would happen to the affairs of the house?While the director of the department was still hesitating, Hu Yanqun had already put on her protective suit and was ready to enter the PCR laboratory.Always taciturn of her, work however vigorous and resolute, division director knows ao however her, also answer.They are racing against time to do nucleic acid samples.We’re doing a nucleic acid extraction.Goggles, N95 mask printed 㾗 written on Hu Yanqun’s face.A bucket of instant noodles, a few bottles of dry food, they are in a race against time.Party members and cadres brave to bear, go all out for the county people’s health escort!Sample pre-processing, nucleic acid extraction, amplification testing…Every operation process must be highly focused and meticulous. Any mistake in any link will lead to the nullification of the whole testing process.In order to quickly identify samples, to provide a strong basis for epidemic prevention and control.Hu yanqun and her colleagues, dressed in airtight isolation suits, spent eight or nine hours at a time in the PCR lab. During their work, they did not dare to drink water for fear that going to the toilet would delay the test.Every time he took off his isolation suit, his sweaty skin turned white.Every time it is her turn to work, she will be ready to work half an hour in advance, so that colleagues get an early rest.She was supposed to have the second rotation in a week, but she said, “The epidemic will not stop, I will not stop, the machine will not stop, I will not stop!…”In this way, Hu Yanqun has been fighting for 12 consecutive days in a closed PCR laboratory.They in the PCR lab didn’t know if it was day or night, whether it was sunny or rainy.All they think is “hurry up, hurry up…”However, every test is full of danger and hope.Only 12 days have passed since March 15, and more than 34,000 people have been tested.”The night flowers quietly open, but let the day to receive thanks” is precisely because of such a group of unknown, every minute against the epidemic prevention and control “scouts”, fighting to be the forefront of the epidemic line, fearless, no regrets, give up the small family for everyone, go all out to protect the health of the county people!The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original

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