Olympic Games happen frequently!The Hungarian champion has been cancelled, two gold MEDALS have been changed, and four major nations have been affected

The Winter Olympics are very competitive and we want to see every athlete give their best, give their best, and win fair and square. Even if the opponent wins, we applaud them. The last thing we want is to use illegal means to compete and win MEDALS.In the game is over, dozens of gold MEDALS, of which there have been a lot of controversy, as South Korea in the 1000 meters short track speed skating in the final of men’s main force players successively fidget, the result is high-speed cameras photographed field, was found guilty of violations, wiped out, but in the final, Hungary’s shao-lin liu’s very close to the President of all,The two were locked in a tight race until they both crossed the finish line almost simultaneously.But by high-definition camera capture, shao-lin liu has very obvious two fouls, is the second lap game at a time, he ran to the provisions of the “inner circle” has carried on the outside of the runway beyond action, 2 it is the last moment, he intends to use the body block all beyond, so, two serious misconduct, the referee on the spot to determine shao-lin liu scores cancelled, directly from heaven fell into hell,The Chinese team won the first and second place.Now there are two controversial competitions again, the first is the snowboard slopestyle competition, China’s Su Yiming performed extremely well, is the only athlete who completed the 1800 degree turn, many audiences were amazed, they thought he would become the champion, but in the end Su Yiming got 88.70 points,Canada’s Max Parrott won with 88.96 points.The game is very controversial, maybe in the pressure is too great, one of the game the referee accepted admission, said he had made a mistake, didn’t see some of Max error, lead to more hit three points, and with the three points, musk drown Su Yi, just coincidence, the referee for such a big mistake, also take the initiative to admit that it is rare,That leaves the possibility of a change in gold MEDALS in this event.Another major controversy comes from The talented Russian skater Valieva, whose outstanding individual performance helped her team to a crushing victory in the figure skating team competition, was found to have trimetazidine in her system. A urine sample was taken in December 2021.The name of the drug may seem familiar to many football fans. In fact, Chinese swimmer Sun Yang was banned for three months for the first time for taking the drug, which is mainly used to treat heart disease.With penalty precedent if wali she identified “drug”, so she is not a punishment, the winter Olympics gold medal ownership would change can occur, if so, will benefit from the United States team, alternates won the gold medal, the gold medal in the two big projects to spread to China, Canada, Russia and the United States, four big country, problem is quite difficult,I believe that the Organizing committee of the Olympic Games attaches great importance to the results, we wait and see.

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