On March 29, 2022, seven new confirmed cases and 356 asymptomatic cases were reported in Baoshan District

On March 29, 2022, there were 7 new confirmed cases and 356 asymptomatic cases in The region.They live in Lane 58 Zhuyun Road, Zhujialong Village, 1202 Zhenjin Road, Lane 1615 Zhenhua Road, Lane 358 Zhenda Road, No. 1430 Changjiang West Road, No. 1106 Zhenjin Road, No. 926 Changjiang South Road, No. 579 Changjiang South Road, Zhangshu Village, Lane 1623 Yunchuan Road, Lane 33 Yuechuan Road, No. 1000 Changjiang West Road, Vision Village, and No. 8 Yongshun RoadLane 1, Lane 345 Yingyuan Road, Lane 23 Yigao Road, Lane 3808 Yixian Road, Yangtai Village, Xingxing Village, Lane 848 Changjiang Road, Xinlu Village, Lane 1088 Xiner Road, Lane 3493 Xianghe Road, Xijiejing Village, Xibang Village, No. 539 Wenzao South Road, Wangjia Village, No. 99 Tongnan Road, Tonghe Sixth Village, No. 69 Tieshan Road, Lane 99 Tianjia Road, Lane 99 Yangtai Road, West Street 397 lane, Tan Yang village, Taihe Road 3527 lane, tayuan road 58 lane, Songtang road 98 lane, songtang south five villages, Yangtai road 338 lane, songtang south six villages, Tongnan Road 369 lane, Meiping road 288 lane, Songbin branch road 120 lane, Sifang village, Taihe west road 3499 lane, south road 126 lane, tiefeng road 2001 laneLane 999, Shuichang West Road, Lane 2900, Shuichu Road, Shenjiaqiao Village, Sidang Village, Lane 348, Shaoshan Road, Lane 485, Sanmen Road, Lane 64, Qilian Village, Lane 150, Panqiao Road, Panqiao Village, Tanyang Village, No. 1555, Tiecheng Road, No. 599, South Wenzao Road, Lane 20, South East Road, Sidang Fifth Village, Taihe Road 260, South Road 60, Aquatic ProductsLane 858 West Road, Lane 279 South Chen Road, Lane 696 Meiping Road, Lane 1000 Taihe Road, Lane 666 Meilin Road, Lane 800 Luoying Road, Lane 218 Meian Road, Lane 138 South Road, Lane 1001 Luoxi Road, Lane 118 South Road, Luonan Second Village, Lane 801 Luodong Road, Lane 51 Luodong Road, Lane 1158 Jusheng Road, Lane 698 Luxiang Road, LutaiLane 869 Road, Lane 2546 Jiangyang South Road, Lane 358 Luxiang Road, Lane 69 Lianchang Road, Lane 1309 Lianyang Road, Lane 517 Lianhua Mountain Road, Lao ‘an Village, Kangqiao Shuidu, Lane 669 Jufengyuan Road, Lane 1018 Luxiang Road, Lane 999 Jutai Road, Lane 2899 Juquan Street, Lane 427 Jufengyuan Road, Lane 1280 Juquan Street, Lane 262 Julian Road, JinLane 699 Qiulu, Lane 695 Jinqiu Road, Lane 2550 Jiangyang South Road, Lane 2500 Jiangyang South Road, Lane 577 Juquan Street, Lane 2058 Jiangyang South Road, Lane 500 Jixian Road, Lane 1198 Jutai Road, Lane 615 Jipu Road, Lane 700 Huanzhen North Road, Lane 99 Hulan Road, Lane 600 Huanzhen North Road, Lane 1346 Juquan Street, Lane 323 Huanzhen North Road, Lane 8188 Hutai Road, Lane 800 Hulin Road, No. 1968 Jiangyang South Road, Huma Village, Lane 515 Hulan Road, Lane 576 Honglin Road, Hejian Village, No. 23 Haibin New Village, Baolin Sixth Village, Lane 39 Gubei East Road, No. 161 Gongkang East Road, Gonghe Eighth Village, No. 6790 Hutai Road, Haibin Three villages, 476 Gongfu Road, Lane 25 Fulian Road, And Chenhang Village, 189 Xixixiang Street, 241 Dongtai Road, 3633 Hutai Road, Lane 218 Dedu Road, Lane 50 Danxia Mountain Road, Lane 896 Dakang Road, Lane 455 Dahua Road, Lane 228 Gongfu Road, Chenxiang Village, Gongfu er Village, Chenjiaxing Village, 555 Chenchuan Road, Caijialong Village, Beizong Village, Lane 3288 Baoyang Road, Beijin Village, Lane 1355 Dahua Road,Yang Taiyuan, Baolin three villages, Baosteel nine villages, poplar village.Final disinfection measures have been implemented in the relevant residential areas.Source: Official wechat of Shanghai Baoshan

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