Zhoukou Taikang County: “police blue” and “medical white” fighting epidemic police doctor husband and wife stick to the front line

Since the epidemic prevention and control began, all the auxiliary police of Taikang County Public Security Bureau have the courage to take responsibility, giving up their small homes for everyone, fighting day and night in the front line of epidemic prevention and control.When “police blue” and “medical white” side by side, they are husband and wife, but also “comrade-in-arms”, they show loyalty with adherence, fulfill the mission with action, fulfill their duties in different positions, and protect the safety of the people under their jurisdiction.Zhang Yang, deputy director of Chengguan Police Station of Taikang County Public Security Bureau, immediately went to the containment area of Beiguan community and the intersection of Yangmiao in the beiguan Community to take part in the duty to control and persuade vehicles and people entering and leaving the city.At the same time, during the rest time or through the police wechat group, guide the people to stay at home, do a good job of protection, maintain the order of nucleic acid collection site, participate in the telephone flow adjustment work, in addition to do a good job of daily police response work, but also to the people in emergency medicine.His wife, Jin Yifan, was working in the north of taikang County People’s Hospital. She was too busy to go out, so the couple discussed leaving their seven-year-old child to his mother-in-law.On March 28, Zhang Yang received a new task to participate in the lockdown of taikang County People’s Hospital. Although the couple are in the same hospital, they have never had a meal together or even spoken a word.Zhang Yang and Jin Yifan are the fearless “peace blue” and the selfless “angel White”. They share the same goal and are committed to it. They are the epitomes of countless families fighting on the front line against COVID-19 and firmly build a wall to protect the safety and health of the people.(Zhoukou news hotline: 180 0371 1867, email: zhoukou@hnr.cn.The “Elephant Escort Office” tel: 180 0371 9699)

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