Britain to light a powder keg?Putin: Russia has a lot of nuclear weapons

According to Russian media, Ukraine’s ambassador to Britain said that Britain has provided Ukraine with a batch of anti-ship missiles to help it fight Russia in the Black sea and The Sea of Azov.The ambassador went out of his way to mention the possibility of striking the Russian navy.More recently, Britain has been stepping up its efforts. Until the crisis in Ukraine flared up, it was relatively restrained, sending a few officers to train the Ukrainian army.In recent days, however, Something has gone wrong with Britain, which has sent troops twice and more.Those sent to Ukraine are special forces officers, including more than 100 in the latest batch.At the same time, The UK has been arming Ukraine, military aid has continued and now even anti-ship missiles have been given to Ukraine.The United States and other countries are also providing aid to Ukraine, but it is obvious that the AID from the United States is not aimed at fighting the war, but at giving Ukraine some very old weapons, which sounds like such a thing.Anti-tank missiles, for example, seem to assume that the Russians will attack from the ground.Russia’s navy and air force are not just for show, so you can see that Ukraine is asking the US to deploy THAAD in Ukraine, and Ukraine knows that anti-tank equipment is not going to be of much use.When we look at Britain’s assistance, it is quite interesting, because Britain was obviously going to fight a war in Ukraine against Russia, so it sent a large number of officers to take over the Ukrainian army quickly in the event of a war and direct the Ukrainian army to fight Russia.The most important thing is that Britain has the will, or Prime Minister Johnson has the will.Johnson’s position as prime minister was in jeopardy.So he has been jumping up and down, trying to get involved in everything, especially the Situation in Ukraine. He has been to Ukraine himself, and he is going to Poland. While Germany and France are trying to make peace, Johnson is trying to ignite the powder keg in Ukraine.Russia has issued a clear warning, with Mr. Putin saying after his meeting with Mr. Macron that if Russia’s red lines were crossed — NATO’s annexation of Ukraine and military action in Crimea — all of Europe would be at war.What would Russia do if that happened?Putin made a bold statement: Russia is a nuclear power and there will be no winners.This is telling Europe that Russia has enough nukes to annihilate Europe.But it is not clear what effect Mr Putin’s statements will have.For countries who did not want to go to war, Mr Putin’s nuclear threat is excuse their best to avoid war, but for Johnson, such threats seem to be able to more easily start a war, or refer to a path, the UK as long as with Ukraine in the Crimean make things, is likely to provoke a full-scale war, because the UK is NATO countries, once the war,It could also trigger NATO’s joint defence clause.So, now the situation is quite tense, the possibility of what is, is a powder keg before, now there are some countries want to ignite a powder keg, in the explosive situation, a powder keg of fuze is very short, once ignited will almost certainly, was the whole Europe will be involved, may even lead to a world war ii.

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