Elements of a healthy life

We often send messages to wish you a long and healthy life.Longevity is people’s respect and pursuit of life.Since the 1990s, “healthy life” has been included in the “Human Development Index” by the United Nations Planning and Development Agency (UNDP) as an important observation point to evaluate and measure the living standards and social equity development of people in a certain society.The average life expectancy of a population can be calculated scientifically and told the average number of years each person can expect to live at birth given a given level of death.Average life expectancy can reflect the quality of life in a society.In 2019, the World Health Organization ranked China 53rd in the average life expectancy of all countries in the world, with an average life expectancy of 76.1 years, higher than the world average life expectancy of 71.4 years.In reality, people’s health is often challenged in many aspects.At present, it is universally acknowledged that the main factors include biological factors, environmental factors, behavior and lifestyle, and medical and health services.Biological factors genetic genes, individual age, sex, various pathogenic agents (such as bacteria, viruses), etc.Memories of SARS, Norovirus, Ebola and novel Coronavirus are still fresh.These factors have certain direct or indirect effects on health and the occurrence of diseases.Environmental factors can usually be divided into natural environment and psychosocial environment.Air, water, soil and other environmental pollution as well as climate change, these harmful factors have been more and more recognized by people.Social environment, including social stability, economic development, culture and education, can affect people’s living environment, work environment, family and interpersonal relationships.Behavior and lifestyle refers to the habits and behavior tendencies that a person has formed.Analysis of the relationship between human and health structures shows that certain behaviors and habits, such as smoking, drinking, unprotected sex, lack of exercise, and poor diet, can pose real or potential health threats and persistent harm.Medical and health services refer to comprehensive preventive and medical services provided by health institutions and professionals with relevant health resources and medical means, such as various consultation, guidance, medical examination and treatment, referral and so on for the purpose of disease prevention and health.In fact, the accessibility, availability, convenience and effectiveness of health services are directly related to the health of individual populations and the outcome of diseases.If there is a medical accident or nosocomial infection in medical institutions, it will undoubtedly be directly related to the health of individuals and groups from the society. There is also a large gap in the average life expectancy of all provinces in China, which also reflects the development differences in the above four aspects.”Healthy China action Plan” put forward 15 action plans, is in the plan, measures to promote the above four aspects.Among the above four factors affecting health, the one that can be controlled by oneself is behavioral lifestyle.The formation of good behavior and lifestyle, the promotion of health is increasingly concerned.Only by developing scientific, balanced and healthy living habits can we have a healthy body and devote ourselves to study and life with more exuberant energy.Health literacy related to a healthy lifestyle.Good health literacy can fully mobilize individual subjective initiative.It is conducive to the control of various risk factors and diseases and prevent the occurrence of complications.All people should be taught patiently to recognize the need for a healthy lifestyle, and to stick to it and form a habit.Health education is one of the most important basic treatment measures for all diseases, and is recognized as the best vaccine for health care.Eat sensibly.The nutrients that the human body needs mainly come from food.There is a saying that “Food is the nature of the Ming Dynasty”, and there is also a saying that “illness comes from the mouth”, which respectively illustrates the important relationship between health and diet from the macro and micro perspectives.Human life is more important than health, and nutrition is the material basis to maintain life and health, nutrition and physical condition is also an important symbol reflecting the progress of a country and society.In recent years, nutritional imbalance leads to obesity and irregular diet, which is one of the main factors of sub-health.Science movement.Sports can not only enhance physical fitness, promote physical health, but also improve mood and regulate mental state.Lack of the habit of consciously exercising.And unscientific exercise methods are the main factors affecting people’s health today.Get enough sleep.Sleep is an essential physiological and psychological process for human life.High-quality sleep is an important guarantee for human health. It can not only recover the tired body and improve immunity, but also maintain mental health and improve the quality of life, which is of great significance to promote physical health.The problem is exacerbated by lifestyle problems and multiple pressures from work and life.Mental health, physical health and mental health are the organic components of individual health, and they are interrelated and influence each other.In the two mutually affecting components of health, mental health plays a very important core role. As The Roman philosopher Cicero said, “psychological diseases are more numerous and more harmful than physical diseases”.

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