English teacher to big face sister to share the secret, a failure to find the silt!

Hello, everyone, welcome to Dayantian comics, I am the author of dayantian take you into the world of comics.Skin refers to the body surface package to the outside of the muscle tissue, is the largest organ of the human body, mainly to protect the body, sweating, today the failure and what funny things, we stay tuned, big face younger sister look at the skin of English teacher said “good slayers teacher, your skin white tender, can you tell me how do you maintain?”My English teacher said happily, “My secret is to use a mask made from mineral-rich mud from the Bottom of the Siberian sea.” My sister was reading a book and said, “Listen to me.” Ah Shua wiped her face with her towel.Lead to eyebrow did not have, hence feel oneself draw eyebrow, found a marker pen, draw in oneself face draw, finally a decline a face of cold sweat say “sorry, a little nervous, hand trembling, draw slanting……..”Ok, that’s all for this issue, see you next time for more exciting content, come to Da Tian Tian comics Ah Shuo added a signal enhancer to the remote control, how did it end?Students like to keep up with the Joneses. What happened?

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