Meituan shopping vegetables Lantern Festival launched dumplings, flowers and other fastest 30 minutes to home

The Lantern Festival and Valentine’s Day just passed. Did you send anything to your family or loved ones on this festival?Sometimes we’re all procrastinators. We want to buy gifts in advance, but we put them off until the last two days, so they don’t get delivered that day, ruining the holiday ritual.Want to make amends?City flash send is very necessary.In consideration of the festival demand, meituan Mai CAI launched time-honored yuanxiao, gifts and flower bouquets and other timely products to provide one-stop shopping service for consumers.Consumers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan and other places can receive goods as soon as 30 days after ordering food from Meituan, which is simply a blessing for procrastinators!In addition to cooperating with time-honored Chinese brands, Meituan Maimai has also launched different flavors of tangyuan in various regions to meet the dietary habits of consumers in different regions and celebrate the Lantern Festival.And during valentine’s Day, Meituan shopping also for the first time shelves rose gift bouquets, consumers can receive customized bouquets as soon as half an hour after placing orders.And provide 1 branch, 3 branches, 5 branches, 9 branches and other different specifications of the bouquet, to meet the diverse needs of consumers.It is reported that the flowers of Meituan buy vegetables are transported in the whole cold chain, which can ensure the freshness of flowers to the greatest extent.It is understood that Meituan Mai vegetables is committed to promoting the construction of supply chain source, discover quality products, to provide consumers with more “quality goods”.In the future, Meituan Will continue to focus on user needs and improve service experience on the premise of ensuring product quality.

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