“Mirror twin cities” : why are shark people open planes?Because sharks are the best fit

In the play, the planes operated by the chimaren are called the Wind Falcon, which are wooden birds made of wood and aluminum. They are mechanical machines made with human skills, and they are equipped with various spring mechanisms.The falcons, gliding down from the top of the white tower at sixty-four thousand feet, could fly for three days and nights without landing, until they flew all over the sky.And the crossbow shot from the Falcon is so powerful that it can Pierce a man’s shoulder bone.Why would such a powerful weapon need a man-eater to operate it?Because the falcons are very difficult to control, and once they set off from the Blue and white Tower, they must return before they are castrated.If you don’t get back to the white Tower in time, you’ll fall to the ground.To keep the falcon from falling into the hands of someone else, they had to have someone left behind to destroy it.The man who stayed behind, he was a man-eater.They may not be as powerful as other humans, but they are unmatched in agility and speed, making them ideal for manipulating machinery.Sharks can not only pull the various organs without chaos, but also maintain the speed and direction of the wind falcon.Shark people not only a person to control such a huge plane, but also at the same time to complete the flight and attack, it can be seen that shark people’s flexibility and strain capacity is very strong.In addition, if one of the shaman pilots gives the order, the other shaman pilots can exchange information with all the shaman pilots through their submerges.”Submergence” is a unique form of communication of the chimaera clan. Although it does not produce audible sounds, it can transmit tens of times the distance in air or water.So you can use this to pass commands when the wind falcons are swarming.Otherwise, it’s impossible to send a message with a human voice.This is one of the reasons why the Cangliu decided to use the man-eaters to control the Falcons.The cangliu army, flying in the sky, cannot leave the natural advantage of the man-eaters.As a result, each typhoon falcon in cangliu was equipped with a man-eater to steer it.Those sharks are controlled by the Cangliu, so at the last moment, they will use their own lives, and the Wind falcons together.In this way, cangliu people have no worries and can run away when in danger.Isn’t there a way to counterbalance a machine like the Falcon?Yes, it can kill the man-eater operating the machine while flying low, and the falcon will crash naturally.They can’t leave the Falcons as quickly as the Mosangryu, not only because they’re mind-controlled, but because they’re strapped to their seats, so they can’t leave until their last moments.The only way to die is on the controls.Haihuang adults this freehand wire drawing skills, it is not ordinary people can do, a shot can resist large wind falcon, Haihuang adults mighty

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