Yang Mi, Yang Zi’s old employer Huan Rui century owed more than 9.77 million yuan in taxes, why the point at Wu Jing?

H&R Century Union Corporation, the former employer of Yang Mi and Yang Zi, owed more than 9.77 million yuan in taxes and was punished for financial fraud for four years, which aroused heated discussion among netizens., Andy old club of huan rui company registered in 2006, the company since its establishment by signing the many artists, with its many stars have close cooperation, former artists such as the appearance level performance of li yi feng, Ren Jialun, Yang Yang, YingEr boarded the stage of Spring Festival gala this year, there are serious actor Andy Yang mi and traffic queen.In addition to these there are many artists, but also launched a number of ratings burst the table of film and television works, such as ancient sword Qi Tan, summer night sunny, Qingyun Zhi, tomb raiding notes, Tang Glory, painted skin 2 and so on good reputation of film and television works.Li Yifeng can become the top flow of entertainment from an early age, the scenery is infinite, Happy Rui is out of a lot of force, and Ruby Lin, Jia Nailiang, and Du Chun, Wu Jing and other people’s company have a close cooperation relationship, in the entertainment industry and even a “star factory” name, enough to see how strong the ability of happy Rui company,But do not know because of what reason the company under the name of the artist one after another, let Huan Rui gradually decline.Now Huan Rui was exposed to tax arrears of 9.77 million, attracted netizens have comments, the artist is a conscience artist, follow such a company no good fruit to eat.News about huan rui taxes, this is not the first time, news on the Internet in 2019, huan, financial fraud, for four consecutive years was almost make a peak with a elder sister elder brother li yi Yang mi influenced, because it is not true and accurate to huan rui provide 2013-2015 and 2016 in the first half of the annual financial data, make the company faces a $4.52 million fine.According to the data, Huanrui fraud mainly has four aspects, first, confirm income in advance to falsely increase operating income, second, fictitious recovery of receivables less provision for bad debts, third, delayed provision for bad debts of receivables, fourth, controlling shareholders and their associated appropriation of Huanrui film and television funds.No wonder the fire and resources overflowing Yang Mi and Li Yifeng to leave Huan Rui, now Huan Rui again owe nearly ten million taxes, Yang Zi this move let netizens doubt that she knew huan Rui owed taxes, Yang Zi 3 months in advance and parted ways with it., Andy thank you post on social networking platform that six years from huan rui century family support and company, and the formal termination of huan rui century, Andy is now known as entertainment appearance level power flow of women a little too much, often can let the audience acclaim in the film and television works, fan volume surged, and work with her artist can also smooth over the heat.And she also has a trough, trough it no good resources, less chance appeared in front of the camera, his former club huan rui to Andy, touting her tzu qingyun, I didn’t think Andy is, firmly seize this chance to let his turn red again, “wan” after Andy again in the film and television and huan rui has basically has nothing to do,Until and happy rui century successfully terminate, after the termination of the happy Rui century because of the tax problem caused by the whole network hot discussion, so that the netizens have commented Yang Zi afraid is not early know for rui tax problems, afraid of implicated himself and happy Rui early termination.But this is beyond blame, after all, she is just a member of the staff, as for the truth is what I believe only then people know, and Huan Rui tax storm in addition to almost hurt Yang Zi, Wu Jing and what also almost involved?It is reported that Wu Jing invested in the movie “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” and “Changjin Lake”, which was released during the National Day holiday, with the accumulated box office of nearly 9 billion yuan. Facing such a high box office, the series of “Changjin Lake” is sure to make a big profit.The announcement that his film “Changjin Lake” earned only 1.8 million yuan aroused suspicion on the Internet, with comments even pointing fingers at Wu jing.On April 2, 2015, wu Jing directed and acted in his debut film Wolf Warrior, which was released. Because it was wu Jing’s first transition to director, the process of this film was very difficult. The financial strain made Wu Jing pledge his house, and wu Jing held several jobs in order to save money.Wu Jing is the executive producer, producer, director and lead actor of the film.Faced with such a heavy workload, Wu Jing did not back down. It was even reported on the Internet that Wu Jing revised the script 14 times and spent 7 years to create Wolf Warrior. However, the ending was still good, and the box office reached more than 500 million yuan after the release.Wu again homing since the Wolf out of the war in 2017, 2, the production process is still very hard, but the film was an instant ratings extraordinary, war Wolf 2 sustained release of 36 days box office hit 5.5 billion, wu so won best director, best picture, best actor award, was elected vice chairman of the China film association.Since then, Wu jing has created “Wandering Earth”, “The Climber”, “Changjin Lake” series and other movies, especially the “Changjin Lake” series of movies made wu a lot of money, so huanrui released “Changjin Lake” through their own investment only made 1.8 million yuan, which made netizens doubt its authenticity.Now on the network about huan Rui tax storm constantly, Huan Rui issued a statement that it is indeed a historical legacy, the Internet is inconsistent with the facts, let users comment on the so-called historical legacy is still there are tax events, avoid the serious and light, should be severely punished.What do you think of that on screen?

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