Re-read Journey to the West, Architectural Thoughts of Oriental Mythology

The following article is from the architectural Notebook by the author of the September Architectural Notebook.Discuss with temperature of architecture: tear open book | leisure gossip | big house, small four traditional classics, my attitude is always treat them like a textbook selection of excellent work tepid, but because of each summer, and to “journey to the west” is always accompanied by growth.This winter was full of troubles and troubles, I was recommended by a friend of the Chinese department to reread the Journey to the West, but I caught something about architecture in a few words.A good beginning means that you are always impressed by the beginning of the story. When you read the description of the background of the story in the first episode, “The origin of Spiritual cultivation flows from the Spiritual Path of Cultivation”, you can’t help thinking that the beginning of the ancient people’s garden also came from the fantasy of the Western holy land.Before qin people yearning is the sacred land of kunlun, and by the HanWu, have become the penglai, the abbot, yingzhou (adai lantau, member Jiao) three mountain, even to the Forbidden City built in the Ming and qing dynasties, also do not forget in the north sea plan to follow the traditional “a pool of three mountains” of myths and legends, QiongDao symbol “penglai”, TuanCheng symbol “yingzhou”, zhongnanhai in the symbol table “abbot” rhinoceros mountain,The water of the North Sea is a pool of too much liquid.The pictures come from the online book, which says: the ancient ganpan was established, the three emperors ruled the world, and the five emperors set the wheel. The world was thus divided into four major continents: east Shengshenzhou, West Niuhe Zhou, South Shanpu Zhou, and North Julu Zhou.The list of books is better than the east.Overseas there is a land, called the ao Lai country.The country is near the sea, and in the sea there is a mountain called The Mountain of flowers and fruits.Then it was pulled back to reality from imagination. Since Huaguo Mountain is the dwelling place of species, it is also the home of monkey sun led by demon Monkey. Unconsciously, the character limitation in the novel makes the future development of the story almost perfectly reproduce the development history of building made by human beings.Just look at the “eating grass and trees, drinking stream springs, picking mountain flowers, looking for trees and fruits”, showing the way of life in ancient times, this very low productivity level can only “sleep under the rock cliff, towards the peak cave”.When the story goes on, the Monkey King establishes his status and authority by finding a “quiet room with empty Windows and sliding stool boards and flowers.Dragon beads hang in the mammalia, and the land is filled with wonderful flowers.No 亀 fire exists on the edge of a pot, and no 亀 fire is observed on the case.The stone bed is really lovely, and the stone basin and bowl are even more impressive.”A good place to go.If the original fengdong can be said to be a cave dwelling style, now it is to use the halo of the protagonist to find “a property made in heaven” and enter the stage of building a house, I can only see that: “It is a stone house with flowers and trees beside the bridge.The room has stone nest, stone stove, stone bowl, stone basin, stone bed, stone bench.On a stone tablet in the middle, the words’ Blessed land of Flower and Fruit Mountain, Water Curtain Cave.’It’s really a shelter for us.”Images derived from the network for the distribution and use of material, at the same time also need to use the system stable social environment and class: “Monkey King led a group of apes, monkeys, horses monkey, dispatch the fujin made, the huaguo mountain, sunset night at random, and compassion, not into the bundle of the birds, not from the beasts, alone is king, be happy.”In thousands of years ago most found in the ruins of the ancient city palace, the shape is rigorous and clear whether some mall or courtyard young qishan county phoenix village site, once the productivity development enough to organize a social division of labor and rule relations, building the cost of money and the product of human naturally endowed with more class.The social development of the world is stable, but the stability after I do not know how many years, the leading role finally could not help but give themselves to the play: “official feng Buqi horse heart what full name note day meaning not ning” compared with the Tiangong, flower and fruit mountain is no better than a small garden in the world.”At first I went to heaven.Golden light rolling red neon, auspicious gas spray purple mist.I saw the South Gate, blue heavy, glass created;Mingporo, baoyu makeup….Outside the box can still, into the amazing: inside the wall box has a few big columns, the column wrapped around the golden scale sun Red beard dragon;There are long Bridges over which coloured plumes hover over the sky.”Pictures from the network resplendent buildings palace, a symbol of the supremacy of feudal imperial power.The world is wonderful or too simple, only to exaggerate the size of the grand, gorgeous color can render a feudal monarch high above.It is said that the Ming and Qing Dynasties were an era when the absolute monarchy reached its peak, thus killing a lot of beauty.Especially in the qing dynasty, qing dynasty garden trying to build artificial taoyuan, artistic conception of three mountains five gardens landscape is created in the city (three mountain is refers to the longevity hill, fragrant hill and yuquan hill, five park is refers to the Summer Palace, providence, jing Ming garden, chang spring park and the Summer Palace), it’s a pity that, under the control of the ruler suppressed garden lack of somewhat naive, no longer with a clever jiangnan garden’s literati temperament,It is a rigid landscape transformed by the axis of authority.Jingshan is also axis, in the middle of the peak called Wanchun Pavilion, is a square, three eaves, four corners of the yellow glazed tile pavilion, magnificent.It is flanked by two octagonal green glazed tile pavilions with double eaves. The one on the west is called “Jifang Pavilion” and the one on the east is called “Guan Miao Pavilion”.Outside the two pavilions, there are two round glazed tile pavilions with heavy eaves. On the west is the “Fu LAN Pavilion” and on the east is the “Zhou Appreciation Pavilion”.Standing on the Forbidden City’s rigid axis, it is uninteresting but harmonious.Picture from the network at this time of the description of the sky will show as bright as the palace in general: “Bright and porporo reflect the light of the sky, blue foggy doudou mouth.On this day, there are thirty-three heavenly palaces, which are sent cloud Palace, Pisha Palace, Five Ming Palace, sun Palace, Flower medicine Palace…A palace ridge swallow gold steady beast;And there are seventy-two baodian, but the hall of the meeting, Ling Xu Dian, Baoguang Dian, King of Heaven, Ling Guan Dian…A temple column jade kylin.On the birthday star stage, there are famous flowers for thousands of years.Beside the smelting furnace, there are hundreds of thousands of evergreen embroidered grass.And to the pilgrim hall, crimson and starry;Lotus crown, jinbi brilliant.Hosta beads, purple ribbon gold chapter.Jin Zhong hit, three Cao God table into Red steps;When the sky drum is ringing, the King of all Saints participates in the Jade Emperor.And to the ling Xiao Bao Dian, gold nail save yu hu, colorful Fengwu Zhu men.Complex corridor, everywhere exquisitely carved;Three eaves four clusters, layers of dragon and phoenix soaring.It had a purple, bright, round, shining, and large golden gourd top;…There is nothing in the world like him.”At this time the Monkey King is no longer like the discovery of flowers and fruit mountain in general occupy the mountain for king play son to ye, but was shocked while trying to get an official to do.The pictures come from the network, so even the myth, even in the virtual imitation of the immortal and beast world, still can not get rid of the influence of reality, fiction art is made for current events, it can not be blamed on the strengthening of the power operation, the breathtaking grandeur and extravagance of official architecture, as well as the dull and boring garden setting.This article author September typesetting: Sariel Review: Wang Guishan

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