What?Do they do that on Valentine’s Day?

“On duty today, valentine’s Day will not get together!”The girlfriend texted her boyfriend and jumped into her day at work. “I have to deal with this equipment problem right now. See you later this weekend.”Boyfriend to his girlfriend after a reply quickly to material library collection named today is the annual valentine’s day “214” ordinary couples often send gifts, send blessings, hair circle of friends and railway couples today are not at work is on the way to work the special properties of the railway work condemned railway lovers get together from much less difficult is not a new generation of railway couples they divergent thinking and activeView of the mind can’t let they decided to “volume” feelings “volume” work to see what are the “volume” each couple 1, Chen Xuetong & Liao Mingjin / / / I am Chen Xuetong, I today in the command center at the control analysis of tube production safety critical equipment, timely reporting and analysis on abnormal information and ensure the normal stability is to protect the safety of railway transportation./// I am Liao Mingjin, a lineman in Gaoping Comprehensive Maintenance Workshop.Today, I used the night downward skylight in Yiwan Line K1249+468 to tamp the location of swaying cars, which improved the quality of line equipment and laid a foundation for driving safety./// MY name is Xie Yuchen, 4C analyst of Work Safety Command Center.Today, I am analyzing the 4C data of the upstream section from Jianshi to Enshi at the 4C analysis platform of the safety Production Command Center./// I am Li Borui, monitor of Wuhan General speed Testing Area of Liufang Line Workshop of Wuhan High-speed Railway Engineering Section.I ln the museum today I did a ln (ln) survey of the track geometry. After two hours of the ln (ln) survey, I found that everything was ok./// I am Zhao Lu, an analyst in monitoring and Analysis Area of Jingzhou Comprehensive Maintenance Workshop.Today, jingzhou electric equipment in a comprehensive analysis, no impact on traffic, equipment safety issues./// I am Zheng Yuhao, deputy director of electrical affairs in Centralized Regulation area of Jingzhou Comprehensive Maintenance Workshop.Today, I carried out centralized maintenance of turnout on Hanyi line, and all the equipment is normal./// I am Yu Nan, bridge and tunnel worker of Yichang Bridge and Tunnel Workshop.Today, I sorted out the material warehouse in the maintenance area of yichang South Bridge and tunnel workshop and filled in the materials checked on the kanban to ensure the standard of material management in the work area, and the accounts are consistent with reality./// I am Cao Chen, a lineman of Yichang East Comprehensive Maintenance Workshop.Today, I used the overhead skylight to tamp the spot of the swaying car in K1129 +200 of Yiwan Line, which improved the quality of the line equipment./// I am Zheng Jingyun, signal worker of Yichang East Comprehensive Maintenance Workshop.Today, I inspected the equipment in the machinery room of the east II site in Yichang, and analyzed and adjusted the data curve of the equipment in the tube with the combination of microcomputer monitoring and gap monitoring to ensure the safety and stability of the signal equipment./// I am Li Meng, security officer of Xiangyang Depot.Today, I am on emergency duty in the security Department to ensure the safety of vehicles by analyzing the 5T monitoring data in the tube./// I am He Wei, monitoring analyst of Gaoping Comprehensive Maintenance Workshop.Today, I analyzed the situation of the equipment in the monitoring control in the sub-center of gaoping Comprehensive maintenance Workshop. For abnormal information, I reported and analyzed it in time to ensure the normal use of equipment, the safe passage of trains and the smooth arrival of passengers./// I am Li Xin, a lineman in Gaoping Comprehensive Maintenance Workshop.Today, I carried out station inspection in Gaoping station, carefully inspected 11 groups of switches, 4 tracks and insulation joints and connecting parts of the main line in the station, carefully recorded and looked for problems and diseases, so as to ensure the personal safety of passengers and smooth railway transportation!Source: Yichang Comprehensive maintenance section contributed: Wen Zihao, Wang Hua, Yang Zibing Cartography: Lin Lin

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