Why do you need to ask the guest worry, this to years of travel far, the Ming Dynasty is still Yangzhou

Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art is satisfactory, why to ask the guest sorrow, this goes for years on the road far, the Ming Dynasty is still Yangzhou.Don’t be disappointed to complain about separation, acacia meaning to talk, line as far as the world where you meet.Words in the ear, the Ming Dynasty why ask the future, do not understand the people’s satisfaction, blown flowers must be all over the ground.And the Ming dynasty to the wind and rain, as wandering on the pavement, why melancholy peach blossom.Dongfeng has no intention to ask the master, line to water poor is a new.Must wine, mo lean, the Ming Dynasty in the line of words to continue.Spring breeze with me, hand in hand singing, peach blossom intentionally without rain.Is the sun red, thousands of miles of travel why thousands of baidu, the remotest corners of the globe.Look back at 100 mei health, at ease as freely, the world of mortals if you are free and unfettered.Life is short and endless joy, see through the world of mortals if xu years, the world is determined, meet a smile drunk as fairy.Heart knows, idle nothing music poetry, if the dream to go, a smile ten thousand crazy world.The world is all passing, looking back at a smile one hundred years, life must be happy, do not make the world of mortals dyed vulgar heart.Life several degrees of spring, with fate gather scattered not by the body, the world of mortals have a dream free and unfettered people.Toast to celebrate the world of mortals all empty, life proud vicissitudes of life hurried years.See through no one asked, free and unfetteringly with fate are set, nianhua smile drunk breeze.Any to come, a smile flowers open, life is proud of the world of mortals dyed mirror.A smile to meet is true, follow fate without asking the cause, the world of mortals have a dream at large.Endless music, everything is empty, gather and scatter with the fate of a thousand wine cup.See through the world of mortals if xu years, comfortable music boundless, with fate gather vicissitudes of life fleeting smoke.Two do not know, gather scattered how much, if there is the truth in the world, why the world of pain and happiness.Life is the world of mortals everything empty, the world with a smile xidong.Drunkenly lying in the world of mortals dream a few times, comfortable and happy for nothing, the world all life let me fly.One hundred years are fate, a smile everything is idle, at present there is wine world do not know.Two hearts know, always sometimes, do not say the world of mortals is the most happy love.The world of mortals where not vicissitudes of life, music in the mountains busy medicine, everything with a smile drunk setting sun.Difficult to understand, a smile I do not know, tonight and do the cup of music, do not tube the world of mortals have thousands of.Meet everything is not, with fate gather scattered two vaguely, the world of mortals have a dream at ease.Yuefu sound spread all over the world, the world elegant charm swing thousands of years, with fate gather scattered common things, a smile to meet forever stay.The world of mortals lonely, life is short gather loose common things, a smile nianhua bridge.This has no reason, a smile all rest, joy and sorrow are music, the world of mortals where not romantic.Looking back at the flowers, the world with fate any short long, mo sigh more bumpy, life from the ancient music boundless.Sometimes, a few people know, sour, sweet, bitter, hot busy not hold.Busy to another autumn, sour, sweet, bitter, hot clutch with the wind, round Yin Qing water.Charm long, busy why bother to think, clutch go with fate, round lack of shade sunny as I crazy.A few autumn, full moon such as hook, busy why compete for fame and wealth, bitter sweet and sour together.Sunny orderly heart at will, impermanent dream is feeling, bitter sweet and sour short mo must be surprised.When busy, bitter and spicy always related to feelings, joys and sorrows as I.Bitter and spicy common taste, sorching cold world busy, clutch circle of vicissitudes of life.Sorrow and joy two do not know, waxing and waning total appropriate, the world is all sour and sweet poetry.Day is difficult to set, the dream is not, bitter sour sweet why plan to win or lose.Cost thought, since the taste, clutch circle of joys and sorrows lack article.All tastes, why blame heaven, joys and sorrows go with fate, cloudy and sunny circle lack of nature.Clutch love leads a dream, the moon as a person, the world busy bitter hot free body.Round lack of shade and sunny changes, clutch as ups and downs, sour, sweet, bitter, hot busy to always endlessly.Busy why blame late spring, bitter sweet and sour from sometimes, clutch circle of joys and sorrows by.Sour and sweet taste, four seasons busy level sound, joys and sorrows are passing, qingqing circle lack of total guan qing.Joys and sorrows people new hate, the lack of Yin and qing dream old sorrow, the world is busy in many changes, sour, sweet, bitter and hot when to rest.In a dream, why ask the poor.Why ask the scorching, bitter sweet grief and joy are passing, cloudy and sunny round lack article.Bitter and hot are passing, why blame heaven, joys and sorrows circle lack of nature.Heart tears, cloudy and sunny dream people, the world is busy in many changes, sour, sweet, bitter, hot free body.Round lack of shade and sunny this family, clutch total boundless, why bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter flowers.Things are urgent to find, sour, sweet, bitter, hot and sour always concerned, clutch with the fate to go, round lack of Yin qing as I Yin.Sour, sweet, bitter, hot to kill, the world busy with feelings, the lack of a circle wasted.Joys and sorrows in union cloudy and sunny dream is different, how many things busy bitter in vain.Always sometimes, two by it, sour, sweet, bitter, hot busy poetry.Smoke by wave, like Jin Ren waste, wind, frost, rain and snow life feeling.Life several degrees of autumn, the world of mortals all the way like brocade scenery, the past smoke past water flow.In today’s more bumpy, life since ancient times less sorrow and joy, the future don’t ask smoke too soon.Don’t say more obstacles in the future, should know the past there are joys and sorrows, life since ancient times who have no death, the road is never difficult for me.Chasing the past, no ambition to continue the future, bumpy road, bumpy life at ease.Don’t sigh life is too short, wind, frost, rain and snow road wasted, who asked the future, the past millennium ren said.Mountain clouds to do, life where not to meet, thousands of miles in the future dream and empty.Bright future like smoke dream entangle, life rare cape road uneven.Like a smoke dream, bright future hard road, happy life music.Where not to meet, peak back to tens of thousands of heavy, mo future past has become empty.The road is bumpy and bumpy, life is too short to endure, the future is like a brocade of smoke years grinding.Recall old swim, not sorrow, wind, frost, rain and snow life boat.Don’t say life is no less, the road has thousands of difficult, bright future cold smoke dream.Go to the end of the world, where the life home, mo road more obstacles in the future, looking back to the past as flashy.Remember the past thousand times, life is too short and rugged don’t feel sorry.All the way is not afraid of difficult, bitter short mo bar, the future is like brocade smoke years cold.Like brocade what just as well, smoke into dreamland, mo road to life as vicissitudes of life.Bridge, not free and unfettered, bright future into smoke dream if tide.Don’t say more bumpy future, looking back on the past wasted, life is short and rugged grinding.Sad far, deep future regrets, the bumpy road more bumpy, life is short short bosom friend.Shimmering floating jade shadow, boat leaf any drift, qianceng blue waves hongxia reflecting water Ming.Thousands of lights shine on the new city, the building qianceng night Ming, a boat on the river, a total tide of light mountain shadow.Liu dance qianceng waves, strangers flower boat with the water, shigongshan painting.Cross the Yellow River, wind and rain by evasive wave, the Yangtze River east to water, thousands of zhangzhang north slope.Blue water yangbo willow new, the canoe a leaf swing floating clouds, the spring breeze corrugate qianceng waves, drizzle poured thousands of gold.Ten thousand lights qinhuai night, thousand floors bright moon day, a boat before the waves to you.Qianceng reflected sunset, red cloud ten thousand a leaf to go with the wind, making waves is my home.Swing blue sky, wave light billows willow smoke, ten thousand kinds of who can than, I am a fairy romantic thousand layers.Turn over the old waves, a leaf any swaying, qianceng green grass even the sky, ten thousand points of red xia tree tops.Ten thousand method to return to the natural, there are gods outside the cloud, boat a leaf without wave moon is round.Cascades of thousands of springs, boat a leaf heart wave over.The boat shuiyun, reflecting red skirt, thousands of amorous feelings I do not divide.Yang Bodang Willow, boat leaf any wind blowing, qianceng white waves hongxia reflecting sun hui.Lack of kua, reflecting the morning glow, boat leaf spring wave is my home.– Zheng Huixian original Art #

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